Monday, December 31, 2007

Last run of 2007

I had a very nice 4+ mile run this morning from home to close out the 2007 year. I saw my friend Jenna Carlson out there running which was nice. She is a great runner at St Olaf College. I am very glad to be ending 2007. I had some good times but overall 2007 had many hard area's for me. The excitement up running Leadville 100 this summer is very fun !!! Plus I hope to be fully healthy !!! Happy New Year People.

P.S. It was a very tiring this year to be a Viking fan, oh well there is always next year Huh !!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend of 12/29- 12/30

I was pretty happy with my weekend. After having a crappy midweek I felt like I came on strong.

On Saturday I got out after work. I was hoping to go in the morning but Sonya and I both needed to sleep in some so we both got a tad more sleep then I let her go for the morning run. I will have to say I was proud of myself. Getting out at night has been a problem for me as of late but I hauled my but out there and had a great 42 min run by the lakes. The footing was pretty good as well. My Puma Trailfox shoes have been great in the snow. I think I have run almost every run in them the last 2 weeks or so. My ipod has been very big in helping me nock out these runs !! I think distance wise I was like 5+ miles or so.

Sunday I got up early to meet Nick for a run. I was looking to ramp it up to a 2 hour day. I left my house at 7am and ran to Nick's which was like 30 min's. From there we did a great loop in part of Theo Wirth and then back to the lakes where Nick and I split off from each other and I went home. I was pretty happy with how I felt other than the last 10 blocks where I felt like I was going to blow from having to go to the bathroom. I did find out that I need to not use my waist water pack and go to my Nathan hydration vest. I think the other water pack puts to much pressure on my mid-section where I had my hernia surgery. I ended up with 2h hours and 12 min's for what I am guessing is like 18 miles or so ?

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Winter Waddle

Got out today with my good buddy Nick. We ran a nice loop from his house that was through the neighborhoods and by the lakes. I felt pretty good which was nice. I know he was feeling a bit tired so we kept it nice and easy.

I ran in my new Puma Trailfox shoes once more. They are pretty nice. I am in the process of trying a bunch of shoes so I can decide what I want to train in and race the Leadville trail 100 mile in August. But so far so good with the Puma's.

After the run I had a bunch of work to do the that night Winter Waddle 5k race the store puts on. This year it was at Lake Calhoon. I thought the race being there and partnering up with Whole Foods worked real good. Other than not having my snow boots on I kept pretty warm.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not much in Blogland

Well the title says it all for me. Not much going on for me to Blog about. I have not run in 3 days !!! Man this sucks. I am looking forward to running with Nick tomorrow morning. Jan 1st is my line in the sand day as far as getting my training going.

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas day with the family.

Monday, December 24, 2007


**Evan is so excited for Santa he can not keep his pants on

After a short day at work I got to get in my Christmas Eve run before going off to church with the family. It was not to busy at work but nice to visit with a few runners coming in for their last minute stuff.

After work I hurried home. I knew I had enough time for about 1 hour of running before having to get to church so I got a move on. I wanted to run farther down the parkway for a change so I went down to the 42nd ave bridge and cut down. With the 50th bridge out it sure messes up some of my favorite runs. But on the bright side this made me run some area's I do not do very often. It was very nice both temp wise and it was very sunny. It was a bit slick in a few spots because of the freezing rain we had the other day but I made the best of it. Rocking with my ipod I had a great 50+ min run. I felt very good.

P.S. I forgot to mention the Ben Harper cd- Lifeline on by best of 2007 list.

Top 10 list pt. 1

Today just did not workout for a run. I am a little bumbed out about this since I felt like I was on such a roll and was looking for a 6 day week of running. I guess I will have to settal for a 5 day week. On a bright note I did get my longest run up some 30 min's and had a few 1 hour type days.

Since it is close to the end of the year it is time for some year end top pick list. This is my top 10 cd's I bought this year !! These are in no order.

Radiohead- In Rainbows
Kings of Leon- Because of the Times
Eddie Veddor- Into the Wild Soundtrack
Modest Mouse- We were dead before the ship even sank
Arcade Fire- Neon Bible
Brandie Carlile- The Story
Ryan Adams- Easy Tiger
Wilco- Sky Blue Sky
The White Stripes- Icky Thump
Linkin Park- Minutes to Midnight

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let it snow

I woke up this morning to get ready for my morning run with Nick to find some good snow on the ground and more falling from the sky. I am not sure if I have ever said on here how much I love running in the snow. Something about it is just so cool to me. Plus with the new snow I thought I would use this as a chance to try my new Puma Trailfox running shoes. I am looking to try a few different type of trail shoes this winter and spring. My hope is to find that perfect shoe for my upcoming race in August at the Leadville trail 100. Yea I laid out my $215 dollars or what ever it was this last week !! So I guess I know of one race for sure I am doing.

As I started out I could tell it was still pretty nice temperature wise. I think it was still like 30' out ? I was looking for 1 hour of running so I met Nick at the band shell and we took of from there. We thought it would be nice to do the cemetery loop since it had been awhile since the last time. Well it turned out to be a good choice. With this snow being the sticky kind the trees looked so cool !! It was great to be running with Nick on this loop. I was feeling really pretty good. I can tell the hills knock a bit out of me at this time but I am ready to keep getting better. I am real happy with how this week has come along so far. By the time I got home I had 1 hour and 5 min's on the watch. I am guessing that was like 8 miles or so.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Back at it with Sonya

Man today was so nice out !!! With the great weather Sonya and I took Evan with us in the jogger. It was great running with the gang. We both said how much we missed doing our runs together with Evan now that it is winter time. Plus Evan likes it because he gets in a great nap. Sonya is still feeling like crap post Sunmart but is still tiring to get in some shorter runs. I feel like she is ready for a good break. Unfortunately given the warm weather at Sunmart she did not end the year the way she hoped. But I keep telling her you got to take the good with the bad. I do not think she finds it funny at this time ? Well back to the run it was great and I felt real good. We ran like 41 min's for 5 miles.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rockin with Russell

So knowing that I would be running a longer run on Thursday morning with Patrick "PR" Russell I took Wednesday as a off day. It was a great idea given the fact we where going 30 min's farther than I have gone so far post sports hernia surgery.

I was meeting PR at his house at 5:15 am !! Man was it early, but I was very excited to run with Pat. I have always loved running and sharing idea's about running with Pat. I think we both have a deep passion for the sport and connect on many idea's on running and how the sport can be better. As we made our way around the streets of St Paul I was feeling very very good. We where talking up a storm and keeping the pace nice and easy. We both had our heart rate monitors on so that was keeping us in check. I think it was not till about 1 hour 20 min's or so that I could feel it in my legs that we where longer than I had been in sometime. By the time we where back at his house we got in like 1 hour 40 min's !!! I was very happy. I am not sure how far that was. I am guessing like 13 or 14 miles ? It was a great run and I am looking forward to many more of those runs with Pat.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Go Vikings Go !!

Man look out for my Vikings, they are on fire !! Then aging being a true fan I am always ready for the bottom to drop out so I will not get to heavy into the "punch".

I have had a few good days of running this week. On Monday I got out for a nice morning run so I could be free to watch the Vikes game after work. I ran a good little loop by the lakes. I ran a tad faster at the end then what I have been doing as of late. Maybe it was my need to go to the bathroom had a little to do with it ? Either way I was happy to pick it up some. I ended up with 5 mile run.

For my Tuesday run I went with Nick and Greg S. from Greg's house in St Louis Park. It was good to run with those guys. It had been a long time since I ran with Greg. We ran a real nice loop that we figured was like 7+ miles. I felt super good running with them. I think we ran a pretty solid pace as well. One of the funny things we talked about on the run was our idea to have a running race on a frozen lake. That would be fun by itself but we thought about adding a ice fishing part to it. Something like you get to subtract time off of your "running time" based on how big your fish is you catch. Could be funny !! We think this idea is pure Minnesotan.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend wrap

It was a pretty good weekend overall on many fronts for me. I got is a good two days of running and had some great time doing holiday things with Sonya and the family.

Saturday got off to a good start with a nice morning run. I did a good little 5 mile loop from home running some of the parkways and some neighborhoods. I really like running in the neighborhoods around Minneapolis. I guess the reason I like it is because to me they feel real. You know back in the day when not every 3rd house looks the same ? Do not get me wrong I did grow up in a western suburb, and I am very big on running in different places and appreciating them for what they are. I love running a great trail by the river, or running a nice dirt road, or a great city loop. But I like to mix it up. The same thing every day even if it seems great will get old to me in time.

Sunday was a day full of shopping for Sonya, Evan and me. We got to it pretty early, but had a lot of fun. Evan was a trooper that was for sure. We broke the day up wit a great run from my parents house. It was my longest run yet !! A big old 9 miles with my honey. It was so great to get to run with Sonya. With the weather and all we have not had many chances. It is hard to put Evan in the jogger when it is so cold and snowy out.

After the run we hit up a few more places for gifts and such. At the end of the day I felt like we got allot done. That is a great feeling to have. The only sad note of the weekend was Sonya's Steelers loosing !!! Oh well there is always next week huh.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday fun run

So far it has been a good week. My goal leading into the week was to run 6-7 days this week. Well after my Friday run I am on track for that.

Wednesdays run was from my parents house once more. Like last week, it was good to get a run in back on a loop at mom and dads. This works good to break things up. As much as I love my loops by the lakes it can get a bit old. When I went out it was very cold out. I was very happy to have my nice and warm Montrail Mountain Hardware team jacket on. I felt pretty good overall. The footing was good and there was some great holiday lights to look at along the way. I belive I ended up with like 5+ miles.

Thursday was a day off for me. I had wanted to run but after a long day doing stuff around the house with Evan I was not feeling up to it by the time Sonya got home from work. What's funny is that I used to love running after work and such at night but now if I do not get out during the day it becomes very hard for me to get out the door ? Go figure.

Friday was a great little fun run. I made it out the door in the morning. I felt great and was very happy that I took the day before off. As I was out there all the kids where getting on their way to school. Something about seeing that always makes me happy ? I belive in the end I got in like 5 miles. Like I said before I felt pretty good overall but my right hamstring was a bit sore toward the end of the run. I do not think it was much.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great start

After having the weekend off of running with Sonya being gone and all I am ready to roll this week. I told myself I was looking to run at least 6 of the days if not all 7. I believe I am getting to that point. I have been feeling pretty good and am still keeping it slower and having some shorter days as well.

I got off to a great start this week wit a nice run on Monday with Liz after work. I ran to her place from our house and we did a real nice loop. It was great to talk and see what's up with her. I was feeling good and was very happy to get my longest run of like 7 miles that day !!

On Tuesday I ran with Nick after work. We had a great 5 mile loop from his house. What was nice as well was that the pace was pretty good to. Maybe just a bit over 7 min mile pace. It was nice to stretch my legs a bit from my 7:45- 8:00 min pace I have been doing as of late. Plus as a bonus I got to see his pretty little baby girl after the run !!! I love seeing my friends kids. It is also nice to see how much Nick and Cindy love her. They are good friends and are very lucky people.

I am looking forward to the rest of the week and maybe some run's with my friends Patrick and Paul in the mix ? We will see but it is great to be back !!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

USATF Ultra running championships

So the list of races that make up the 2008 USATF ultra running championships is out. I think it is great that we have these. Now do not get we wrong, there is MUCH more to be done to make these " championships " more attractive to all the top runners out there. But it is a start and I am happy about that. There will be more on my opinion of the state of Ultrarunning as a sport soon.

2008 MUT Championships

March 2 – USA 50 km Championship
Caumsett State Park 50 km
Huntington, NY

April 12 – USA 100 km Championship
Mad City 100 km
Madison, WI

June 8 - USA Trail Marathon Championship (pending)
Deadwood-Michelson Trail Marathon
Deadwood, SD

June 21 – USA Mountain Running Championship
Mt. Washington Road Race
Gorham, NH

June 29 – USA 10 km Trail Championship
Steamboat Springs, CO

July 19 – USA 100 Mile Trail Championship
Tahoe Rim 100 Mile Trail Run
Lake Tahoe, NV

July 26 – USA 50 Mile Trail Championship
White River 50 Mile Trail Run
Crystal Mountain, WA

August 16 – USA 100 km Trail Championship
Where’s Waldo 100 km Trail Run
Waldo Lake, OR

October 11 – USA 50 Mile Championship
Tussey Mountainback 50 Miler
Boalsburg, PA

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hanging with Santa

OK so this morning I went with my Mom and the kids to the MN zoo for a little Santa time. It was a real cool thing that the zoo does for it's members. The kids had lot's of fun !!! It was real funny seeing Evan go crazy for Santa up till it was time to sit in his lap.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

back in the hood

Ran tonight after work back in the old stomping grounds. At the parents !!! After yesterdays run I figured I would keep it to like 3 miles. Do not want to rush things you know.

I was very happy with how I felt. I was a bit tired and sore but nothing to bad. As excited as I am about running aging, I do need to take it easy and not get to carried away. Time is on my side.

On a side note my wife Sonya is going to Texas this weekend for the Sunmart 50 miler. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing but she has been feeling good since the Fall 50 miler in late Oct. I am excited for her but sad that I will not be there to watch. It was just to much $$ and we have things this weekend with the kids and all. I will let you all know how it goes for her.

Also it was 1 year ago Steve Hibbs and I went to Hawaii for the U2/ Pearl Jam show. Man was it a great show, and having front row was so cool. Now if only we did not have to spend 27 hours in a line in a parking lot to make that happen.

Miles for the day= 3

It's good to have friends

Tonight I got in my first run with people, yea !!! After taking Monday off from running I was looking forward to running with Nick and Sonya. We set it up the day before so I had all day to get excited. What I did not think was going to happen was us getting another 5 inches of snow. Now this made for some mess running at times.

Nick ran from his house up to the store then we ran down to Lake Harriet to meet up with Sonya. The sidewalks we pretty good for the most part, and once we got to the lake it was very good footing. I forgot how much I like running down there.

I felt pretty good overall. At the start I was a bit sorer than I expected but I am sure the deep uneven snow did not help matters. After 10-15 min's I was loose and ready. We did a nice loop around the lake picking up Sonya along the way then back to the store. I was nice to run in the snow. Much better than driving that is for sure.

I had forgotten how great it is to run with people. It was something I missed so much during the lay off. I am very lucky to have such great friends/ wife to run with. I will never take that for granted.

All in all I believe it was like a 5 mile run, which is my longest yet !! Lookout I am back people.

Miles for the day= 5

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Update

So it was really great to run everyday this weekend. After my maiden voyage on Thursday I did another 2 mile loop from home on Friday. That run was OK but I was for sure stiffer that the day before.

On Saturday I got to run in our first snow storm of the year !!! It was so great. Man I know there are days where you hate the cold but all in all I am so happy for the different seasons for running. Then aging check back with me in 2 months and I might think differently.

Sundays run was also pretty good. I am very happy with how my body has been feeling. I know it is early in the recovery game, but so far so good. I believe I have another week of 2-3 miles per time of running. After that I hope to start making the runs a bit longer. Maybe I can add some cross training in the mix as well. It looks like January 1st will be the time where I can get back to long runs and such !! Better safe than sorry.

Miles for the weekend= 5 total

Thursday, November 29, 2007

We have take off !!

Today was my first run post surgery !!!It has been 7 weeks since my last run. That is a long time let me tell you. It has been 1993 since I had a streak that long without a run.

It felt good to get out there. It was weird putting on my running tights, etc. for the first time in awhile. In a way I was a bit nervous. I was looking to run from our house to Lake Harriet and back. I figured that would be 2 miles and a good start. Plus with a out and back if I had to it would be easy to turn early if I had to. Plus it was a pretty flat course.

I felt pretty good running !! It was great to feel my body moving once more. I was running real slow and pretty surprised how it felt toward the end. I was more tired that I would have thought. I guess that was a pretty long break. As for soreness I was pretty OK. I was a bit sore/tight toward the end but nothing much. I know my buddy Patrick Russell who also had this done not to long ago said that was how he felt as well.

Either way it was great to be back at what I love so much and something that is such a part of my life. In just 2 miles I was dreaming of what I hoped to do next season. What a great feeling !!

Miles for the day= 2

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where has the time gone ?

Man has some time pasted since the last blog update. Not much new in the world of Kurt. I am healing pretty good I think. I go in to see the doctor on Monday for my first check up. I am hoping he will give me the OK to start doing a bit of aqua jogging or something. I am feeling better each day that goes by. I am still sore but not bad at all.

So how about those cross country championships last Monday. It was good to see the mighty Ducks do so well once more. Maybe it's the PRE rube in me. Plus the Minnesota men ran well. It was their third best team finish ever !! I know the women's team was bumbled about things but hell they overall had the best season in school history.

Lastly on the race reporting front it looks like some great racing at the Ultra centric 24 hour USA championships last weekend. Many people with BIG miles. I believe there was like 20 people with over like 120 miles or so. I bet shorting out the loop and taking that 2 little hills out worked well. Humm maybe next year ? Take care everyone and have a great turkey day !!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The cut heard around the world

Well its day 2 since my surgery. I am feeling pretty sore and all. I would say each day has been much better. It is crazy how much you use your mid-section. Thank God for Sonya's help !!!! I will write more later. Take care.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Man has it been crazy

One would think with no running I would have so much extra time on my hands. Well this week sure has not felt that way. It has been CRAZY !!!

Only one more day to get through till my surgery day. I am feeling ready. I would be lying if I said I was not a little un-easy about it all. I have never had surgery so that can be scary. I am looking forward to running like I used too, so that keeps me going. Wish me luck !!

As for my feeling about the Mens Olympic marathon trials. I thought it was heaven and heel as a fan of the sport. On one hand you had a coming of age " I will take on the world " race by Ryan Hall, a great 2nd marathon by Ritz, and a gutty race by Sell to make up out Olympic team. My good friend and teammate Pete Gilman lived the dream we all have wanted by running in the race. It was great to see !! Then it all was a big downer when you hear that Ryan Shay had died. I still feel sick thinking about it. I do not know what to say. I guess life it just not fair at times. We all must live each day and each moment like it is our last.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mens super race

Well we are just a few hours away from what I see is as the greatest U.S. championship race ever !! I know that is saying allot but I truly feel that way. If nothing else it has the potential to be one of the best. In most races you can point to like 3 maybe 4 people as favorites for the top 3 spots. In my mind this year there are like 9-10 guys who could make the top 3. I guess we will see it is great to see so many people stepping it up to the marathon distance.

It sounds like it could be a windy day tomorrow. I wonder how that with a hilly like course will make the pace tactics go ? I think there is no way everybody will let it go till the last 3 or 4 miles. I am guessing the breaks start at like 13 or 14 miles. Here are my top 10 predictions.

1. Ryan Hall
2. Dathan Ritzenhein
3. Abdi Abdirahman
4. Meb Keflezighi
5. Alan Culpepper
6. Josh Rohatinsky
7. Jason Lehmkuhle
8. Brian Sell
9. James Carney
10. Fasil Bizuneh

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a great Trick or Treat !!! We had a great time.

Miles for the day= 0

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Much better

After work today I met up with Sonya, Evan and Kyra at the YMCA. Krya had a swim lesson tonight. I knew I needed to workout so what better time than now. I was not looking forward to the workout after yesterday but I actually had a good one. Part of it was as I worked hard on the trainer there was a great show on this African kid who had came to America and left his family behind for a better life. He was a runner who I believe had won a few NCAA D3 titles ? Anyhow is was nice to watch as some good tunes blasted in my ears. I guess this "club" stuff is no different than running in that some day are good, some are bad. I just miss being outside.

Miles for the day= 30 min's & 5 miles on the elliptical and 15 min's and 6 miles on the bike.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad day

Man today was not to be my day. I think the fact that it was SO nice out just put me in a bad mood as I went to the club. I stared out with some elliptical running which was not to bad. I got in like 5 miles during 30 mi's. Then it was off to the bike but after just 10 min's I called it quits. I was just plain sick of doing this stuff. Better luck next time I guess. It is just to darn nice outside !!!

Miles for the day= 30 min's & 5 miles of elliptical, and 10 min's & 4 miles of bike

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend update

So I decided to take Friday off. I figured what the hell, plus I was needing a break from the YMCA. Once the weekend came around it was back on the horse so to speak.

On Saturday I did both the elliptical trainer and the bike. I felt real good today !!! Go figure. I guess if I have more days like this I would be ok with making it a few weeks doing the "club" thing.

Miles for the day= 30 mins on elliptical & 5 miles ,and 25 min's on bike & 8 miles

On Sunday my Mom was able to help us out with Evan so Sonya, the girls and myself went to the pool. The girls where excited to swim big time. I was just happy to know I had Sonya in the water aqua jogging with me. Not the normal great run together but hey better than nothing I guess. I felt ok in the water but more tired that last time. I think this will take awhile. I am going to look into those aqua float boots since my Achilles gets sore this way.

Miles for the day= 45 min's pool running

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aqua Kurt

Tonight was my first time ever aqua jogging !!! I went to the Y thinking I would try to get in like 30 min's just to see what it was like. I was hoping I would not go so crazy. You know I was not going to be able to use my ipod which had been my savior the last few days.

I am happy to report that I was more than OK. I ended up running for 1 hour in the pool which made me feel good about my night. I had a great time talking to the lifeguard on duty. I think the talking is what made the time go by so fast. Now I am not saying I would do this all the time by choice but I could see how 1 day a week could be a big help. My legs where very tired and ready to be done. After the workout I got a 10-15 min's in the hot tub !!!!

Miles for the day= ? what ever 1 hour in the pool in worth

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kickin it old school

Today for my workout I decided it made the most sense to go to the Northwest YMCA since it is by my parents and I was going to have to get the kids from there anyhow. It brought back many old memories. I used to go there some when I was little to play basketball and even to some lock-in dance nights !!

That being said they have done many new things to the club and it was nice to be back. I did try my idea of doing the elliptical machine first before the bike. It made a big difference. My leg's felt much better this way and I will have to keep this in mind for the future. I ended up running 2.9 miles in 20 min's which was a new pr for me !!! I then did 20 more min's on the bike. I even tried reading a magazine while on the bike. I think I could make that work. Any how it was a good day all in all.

Miles for the day= 2.9 elliptical and 7 miles biking

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank God for my ipod

Day two of Kurt the club guy. Man is this going to be hard, but I have to do it. I brought my ipod today which was a BIG help passing the time. I was hoping to do some aqua jogging but there was no open swim lanes at the time. I did pick up a schedule so I can better plan for that.

So since the pool was not a option I was back to the bike and elliptical machine. I think when this is all said and done I will be a super biker. Heck Tour de France here I come !!! Now if that can only help me become a super runner. I ended up going 9 miles in 25 min's. I felt like i kept a high tempo the whole time. After that I went to the elliptical for a 15 min/ 1.5 mile jog. I felt like I worked pretty hard but still not liking it totally. I think I need to try the elliptical before the bike next time.

Miles for the day= 9 miles biking, 1.5 elliptical

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh boy

Tonight I got a look into what I have in front of me. I decided to go to the YMCA to start doing some other type of working out besides running. I started with 23 min's of riding a bike. I got in just over 6.5 miles in that time. Then I tried some elliptical machine running for 10 more min's/ 1.5 miles. I thought 30 min's would be a good start. I felt pretty good with little pain from my groin area, but man is this going to be hard. I was SO bored !!!! I guess with time it will get more easy but in the mean time it was tuff. I think I will try some aqua jogging this week as well.

Miles for the day= 6.5 biking and 1.5 elliptical running

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall 50

This weekend Sonya ran in the Fall 50 miler in northern Wisconsin. Wow what a great race. It was the second year of the race. I think there was like 53 solo runners and like 70+ teams competing. The course was nice and super pretty with the fall leaves and great shore line along Green Bay. This is a for sure one on my books when I get back at it running wise. Sonya did very well. She was 2nd female, 1st masters and 7th runner overall. Her time was like 7hrs 26 min for 50 miles. I think she was shooting for like 7 hours or so. She split 6:57 for 50 miles at this springs 100k race in Madison,WI. I would say this course was much slower with the hills. Either way I was very proud of her and all. Hell she just was 20th overall at TCM just 2 weeks before !!!

As for me with my running I did a little running getting Sonya her bottles and etc. I felt ok but for sure could tell all things are not good down there.

We had a great time looking around the next day. I would recommend this area to all !!! This is a few pictures from the weekend as well.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Man oh man

Man oh man not much going on with me. Since I found out about my upcoming I have not been doing much. It is hard to think of doing much when you know that soon you will be on the shelf for a while anyway. I am looking to start doing some stuff like aqua jogging, biking, etc next week. I guess I have to do something.

Sonya, Evan and I are going to Door county for the weekend. Sonya is running the Fall 50 mile race. It should be allot of fun. I will post some pictures, etc when we get back.

Miles for the day= 0

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I got answers

Well today I was able to get into Dr. Taube at Edina sports, health and wellness and low and behold my fear was found to be true. I have a sports hernia !!!! I have been having issues with this for awhile. It was like 2 years ago that I first thought it could be a hernia but because it was not super painful I just worked with it. Then this last year we thought it might be the posas muscle. I did all the things one would do for that type of injury. But it seemed to have gotten worse after City of Lakes 25k. Then after TCM it was real bad. Now I know why. Surgery time I guess !!!!

I am torn about this because I was looking forward to doing some more races after such a crapy Twin Cites marathon, but on the other hand I am looking forward to not dealing with this pain in the future. Plus as I look back at many races such as last falls USA 24 hour championships I remember my mid section was just killing me. I just figured my legs where trashed and this was a side affect. Now I guess I know it could have been something different. Dr Taube was saying that some people like myself can run with this for a long time before it goes bad, others have it happen real fast. Seems like I have know of, and heard of so many people having this done as of late. Woo hoo I am part of the club now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Man am I sore

Man was I sore today. I do not know if it is because of this active release stuff or if I am just getting worse. I am going to my doctor tomorrow to see about some more different stuff besides what I am doing. I am hoping it is not a sort of sports hernia. With all this being said I got out tonight after work for a easy 7 miles. I ran like 5 of it with Nick. I was real sore at first but it did get better as I went along. Not perfect but better than the start.

Miles for the day= 7

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary honey !!!

Two years !!!! Man it is crazy to think it was just two years ago when we had that perfect night along Lake Superior in Duluth. Thanks Sonya.

Well I tried running aging tonight. I had Dr. Folske do a little active release on me before I ran since I still have been pretty sore. I felt pretty good on the run. It was a pretty good night for a run temperature wise. I just kept it easy. I ended up with like 5 miles for the run. I wore my adidas half tights that are like the CWX brand. They sure do have lot's of support for the hamstrings. I also have been using my oxy socks. They look stupid but work good for sore legs.

Miles for the day= 5

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sickness sucks

So I have been feeling under the weather as of late. With that being said it has been very easy to take some time off. I took Saturday off figuring I needed the sleep more. As for Sunday I got in a very nice 11+ miles in with Sonya and Evan. We ended up running into our friends Jason and Rose for part of the run. I felt pretty good. I am excited to go up to Door County with Evan and Sonya this weekend for the 50 mile race Sonya is doing !!!! I think she will do great.

On a side note if you can please go see the movie " Into the Wild " it is so so great. I think it is a very moving movie and many fronts and something that can touch us all.

Miles for the day= 11+

Friday, October 12, 2007

What a nice night to run

Well I did not end up getting a run in yesterday. Between all the stuff with the kids and hell just feeling like having a rest day I took it off. Tonight I got in a great 4 mile run from my Mom and Dad's house. They had the kids and I figured I would get in a run somewhere different for a change. I was nice and crisp out. I felt real good and even did a few stride outs after. I felt fast !!!

Miles for the day= 4

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First day of running

Well it is great to be back at it !! I was able to get out for a easy 30 min's with Sonya and Evan. Man I only could have wished it was this kind of weather marathon day. It has been in the 50's every day since TCM !!!! Nice. It felt great to get out there. I am hoping for 40 min's or so tomarrow. Hey all you people out there in web land there is a great 13 page spread in the new Runners World about the upcomming mens Olympic marathon trials. Look for the full page picture of our own Pete Gilman !!!

Miles for the day= 4+


Today my legs are feeling better. I know I could go for a run if I wanted, but I also know it is best to wait one more day. I was jogging around a bit chasing Evan at Kyra's soccer game. It was fun to run after him. Man is he fast for a 1 year old ! After the game I went over to the YMCA to do a little hot tub action. I do not know why I due not use this more often ? We have a family membership and I think this is the second time in like 2 years I have used it. Note to my self to work this in more often. I know it would help. Heck maybe I can go the Kara Goucher/ Sonya Decker route and work in some weekly aqua jogging ?

Miles for the day= 0 ( ok maybe half mile of chasing Evan )

Monday, October 8, 2007

A day of rest

Today was the first day of rest for me and my body. If you want to see something cool go to and click on the video of the mens and womens finishes of the Chicago marathons !!!!

Miles for the day= a big fat 0

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What Happen ??

Man was it a tuff day. For all who where there you know what I am talking about. Everything a marathon runner does not want to happen on race day. It was hot, humid, and hellish. My plan going into the race at the start of the week was to try and run 6:30's to start then pick it up after halfway or so. As race week got closer and the weather was changing I knew I had to change as well. So then I thought maybe 6:40 pace might be better. Well one half mile into it I knew what ever pace I was going to be doomed. I still was running 6:30ish to 6:45 pace. I felt pretty good but not great. As I got closer to half marathon I first saw my friend Mark Evans in the "drop zone". Was it a sign up what was to come for me ? I figured I was not going to drop since I have never dropped from a road race, but it could get real ugly. As I got close to 14 miles the wheels where coming off FAST. At this point I saw my mom and asked "how far Sonya was behind me"? She said like 2 min's or so. Then the question became in my head of do I wait for her and try to help her or do I keep pushing on ? I decided to try something in the middle. I would slow down and try to rest up and then run strong with her. Sonya caught up to me at like 16.5 miles or so. Let's just saw I think we ran like 2 miles together then I was off the back like a bad habit. As shitty as I felt I was very proud of how strong she was running in warm weather, something she does not like very much. So as I made my way to the finish line down good old Summit avenue all I could think about was how this used to be my road during all those days working at the Runners' Edge. It was sad and happy all at the same time. In the end I was left feeling empty but super happy for Sonya who was 20th overall woman and 5th in the USA masters championship !!! Thanks to all who came out and cheered for all of us runners, it helps.

Miles for the day= 26.2 hellish ones

Saturday, October 6, 2007

TCM kids runs

Today was the TCM kids running events. The whole family was there having fun with it. Sonya and I ran the Mile with the girls and then it was Evan's first race ever !!! He was sporting his Runners Edge top !!! Sonya and I think the girls did have fun but at this time we are guessing that they do not see themselves as future runners. Sonya and I got it a easy few miles between the races. One day to go and the weather looks like it is going to suck !!!

Miles for the day= 3+

Friday, October 5, 2007

2 more days

Just a few more days till race day. I am really excited even though it looks like it we will not have the best weather. I guess we need to take what where given. I took the day off today and went to Dr Folske's office.

This picture is of Sonya at last years TC 10 miler, just 2 months 10 days after having Evan. She still ran great in a time of 1:07 !!!

Miles for the day= 0

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Easy with Nick

I went real early today with Nick. It was a easy day of 5 miles. We had to go so early since I needed to get back by 6:45am to get Summer up for school. I felt real good for the most part. Man was it dark. I almost got nailed buy a few bikers riding real fast with no lights !! During the run Nick and I ran into Nicole who was out for a run. She joined us for a few miles. I shared a funny Nick and Kurt story about our first marathons. It was the 1994 TCM and I was getting back into shape. I had just met Nick and he later told me that his thought was if he can do a marathon I sure should be able to. I am glad my extra pounds inspired him. Just a few more days to go.

Miles for the day= 5

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy running to everyone !!!

So as many people know I am a total running rube. I love all things running. Well something I have loved for some time now is the web page Chasing Kimbia. It is everything I need to get all jacked up to run. I so look foward to the video blogs by Matt Taylor. You can go to the media section to watch all the videos. So please watch this and tell me it does not make you want to run.........

Click here Mountains

4 days till TCM

Man only 4 days to go till the TCM marathon. It could come any quicker in my book. So after my day off yesterday I went out early this morning to do my last so called workout. I did a simple warm up then 3x mile at marathon pace then a easy cool down home. All in all they felt pretty good. Not great but OK. I think I was feeling so still that early in the am hours. Note to self: get up early so I can stretch good and feel limber.

Miles for the day= 6+

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chicago Marathon, who will win ?

Here is a little write up I got off of Marathon on the Chicago marathon. It will most likly be a great race as usual. I would love to see what kind of time could be run at TCM if they where to spend the kind of $$$ the big marathons do on elites.

Chicago Marathon - This Weekend
The Chicago Marathon is always fast and this year's men's field will highlight some of the top marathoners who are also some of the champions who have been most consistent and long-lived in the sport (and we think anyone who has been at the top for four to ten years is long-lived). Included in the field will be Lee Bong-Ju who has been near the top of the sport since 1996, achieving the silver medal at the 1996 Olympics, winning the Boston Marathon in 2001, and most recently running his third fastest marathon while winning the 2007 Seoul Marathon in March in 2:08:04. Also running will be 2006 Chicago runner-up, Daniel Njenga, who has been a top-three finisher in Chicago in each year since 2002. Jaoud Gharib - the two-time (2003/2005) IAAF world champion and most recently 4th place finisher at the 2007 London Marathon will run Chicago for the first time. Evans Rutto, the 2003/2004 Chicago champion and holder of the sixth fastest marathon time ever run will return to Chicago. Felix Limo, whose first sub 2:07 finish took place in 2003 and who was the 2005 Chicago and 2006 London Marathon winner will also return to Chicago.

Kurt's picks to be top 3:
1st Evans Rutto
2nd Jaoud Gharib
3rd Ben Maiyo
Today is going to be a rest day for this marathon week. I like to take 2 of these off as part of the rest plan. Like I have been saying I have felt pretty good so I do not need to rock the boat.

Miles for the day= 0

Feeling Zippy

It was great running tonight with Jason " zippy" Minnick and Greg. We went down by Lake Calhoon for a easy after work run. It was nice and crisp out at our 8:30pm starting time. I was also feeling real good after having Dr. Folske do a little active realease on me before the run. Man if you ever have any problems Wade is the guy to look up.

I was hoping to go only like 5 or 6 miles but I was feeling so good I thought 7 was going to be ok. What's 1 more mile ? Any how the pace was nice as well. I know I always run faster when I run with those guys which is good. I thought to myself after the run that I wish I feel like this come Sunday for the marathon. One funny thing on this run was having that guy fly pass us running when you know they are going like maybe one or two miles. I think all 3 of us wanted to go after him but we knew better.

Miles for the day= 7