Monday, February 13, 2012

The Finish Line (Please Read)

We all know what it is like to push like never before for that finish line. But do you ever think about what is the finish line, and how do we get there? Or why do we want to get there? In my opinion the reason we seek the finish line is because it something we just have programed in us as humans. Now for each of us the"Finish Line" is something different but I feel this video does a great job of showing to me what it is all about. Enjoy!!

The Finish Line from Evolve Digital Cinema / IMG on Vimeo.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TC Running Trail Team page

As if I do not have enough stuff to do I started a new TCRC trail team blog page. So check it out.... I will be doing intro's with each runner on the team over the next few weeks as well as with any luck doing fun trail video's and who knows what else. Here is the link.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mr. Decker you are late

Why yes I guess I am late. That is late in putting a currant blog post up. I am sorry I guess the time has gotten away from me. So what has been going one with me, Hmm? Well for one thing I have been enjoying the craziest non snowy winter that I can remember in my 40 years on this planet.

In some ways it has been so great to get out the door on most days and have no care in the world about looking for ice and such and getting on some real dirt trails for workouts in early January. On the flip side in a weird way it has made getting into a grove a little harder for me. In a way running those long slow miles in the snow each winter helps set a tone. I guess it is a give and take. That being said I am looking forward to my Sunday long trail run this weekend. I bet it will even be muddy go figure.

Not much to report on the training front. I have been overall getting in some OK weeks as well as trying to keep the pace up a few times per week. I had a super solid weekend last weekend with a fun run Saturday with my little brother Kraig. Man it had been to long since we had run. Then Sunday I had a super trail run with Paul and Mike and Jason out at Lebanon Hills. We had about a inch or two of snow on the trail with super temps and a nice bit of sunshine. With Sylamore 50k just 2 weeks away from this Saturday I have been trying to get in some more hills as this has been lacking post North Face 50 mile. It might be a light to late overall for that race but I need to remind myself that this 50k has never been about pushing all out, but more to break up the winter and keep the drive towards Black hills 100 miler in late June going. All in all I feel OK about where I am. This weekends long run will tell me allot I think.

Oh yea last weekend I also had the pleasure of watching my wife Sonya run a great 1/2 marathon at the St Paul Winter Carnival. Heck she was 2nd overall even! Well until next time take care and happy running to you all!

** Here is a little video about Hal Koerner from the North Face. Good luck to him this weekend at Rocky Raccoon 100 miler.