Monday, February 28, 2011

Hard Works Pays Off

So this last weekend was the Tokyo marathon. A little known Japanese runner was 3rd in 2:08:37. At first look at his pr's at 5k and 10k one would not think this could happen. What is even better is that he works full time and is not part of the normal professional running scene. For those not in the know over in Japan they are distance running crazy. The pro runners rare on corporate sponsored teams. This guy broke that mold and went it alone. Very cool story!! Here are a few links about the guy and such check them out.

Lets Run .com message board talk

This leads me to a wrap up of my weekend of running. Yesterday I got in a super long run on the Minnetonka LRT trail with Sonya, Paul and Helen. I was so happy that we picked there to run as the light snow covered crushed limestone path was super for a 25 mile run. We all started together from Lunds parking lot and headed west. It is never lost on me how luck I am to have my great wife and friends to train with. They push me and keep the runs light with great conversation. I am very lucky I know.

Back to the run; we knew Helen was good for like 12-14 miles so we did a little 6 mile out and back then went thru Hopkins and then west toward Eden Prairie. After Helen turned around Sonya and Paul and I kept going a few more miles before we turned to get Sonya back at 20 miles. The whole run I kept thinking to myself how good I was feeling and how happy I was with how training has been going overall as of late. After Paul stopped at 22 miles I hammered through the last 3 miles. It was then that I had that feeling of man I need to race soon. It was not that I think I have my best race in me ready to pop, but more of I want to test myself and see where I am at so I can keep plotting my course towards the Black Hills 100 mile in late June. I think next weekend I will test myself a bit by doing a 30 miler and look to run hard the last 10 miles. This should tell me allot about my fitness. Of course I need to keep the track work up. Tomorrow will be 10 weeks straight baby!

So now to tie both my weekend running story together with that of the cool Japanese runner. I think in running we all get caught up in a "certain" way of doing things. Sometimes if not always we need to do what "we" need to do, and in doing so believe in what we are doing. Like for me I know there are lots of people running more miles than me. I have stopped freaking out about how many miles and more about what kind of miles I am doing. I know my volume will go up once spring is hear and running is much easier. It is just what "I" need to do. Never give up, Just run!!

*Updated 3/1 Video of the last 6.5k of his run. A must watch from 5mins on

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreaming of Dirt

Man oh man we got kicked in the nuts once more with snow. I love snow and everything but I am more than ready for it to go and my dirt trails to be back. I do not know why but I am chomping at the bit to run some dirt. Oh well I guess. Maybe this video will help?

( 2010 UTMB race )
I am happy to report one more weekend done and one more solid long run in the books. I got out for a very fun run Sunday morning with Sonya, Paul and Helen down and around the Mpls lakes area. After a nice 10 mile loop with Helen the rest of us headed out towards Lake of the Isles before coming back to Harriet to end up at 20 miles. As we ran we kept talking about how the weather was holding off and we where wondering if it was missing us? We all know how that ended now with 20" of fresh snow. When we where like 19 miles in the snow started and by the time we dropped Paul at 20 it was in full force. By the time we got to my stopping point at 23 miles it was coming down pretty strong. As you might guess my strong ass wife kept going to get in her 30 miles!!! Wow what a run. I am feeling stronger each week and am really looking forward to the racing season that is not to far away.
2010 Masters runner of the year

I guess we all know how important mindset is in the game of training. I feel better each week about mine. As I was finishing my run last night on the snowy dark roads I just found myself cruising along and living that moment. Even after 25 years or so of running it is important to have moments like that. Happy running!!!
TC Running Company with team awards

Friday, February 18, 2011

I like to move it, move it

The last week has been quite a good week of running and such for me. Maybe it has sometime to do with the good weather all last week. After my Tuesday indoor track work two weeks ago I decided to try and pick up the pace ( running volume wise ) for the next weekend.

Well it worked as I ended up with 39+ miles over the two days! In allot of ways it was classic old Kurt running. I got out early last Saturday with the group (Tony, Joe,etc) for a brisk but fun 20 miler around lakes/Wirth/ Victory parkway area. I ran allot of that run with Dylan which was nice as I got to hear all about how things where going for him with his new little 1 1/2 month old. Boy I remember those days big time. The next day found Sonya and I with a chance to run together for a change. Yea!!! We hooked up with Helen and Chris for the first 10 miles then Sonya and I added on the last 9+ miles on our own. Once more great conversation about so many things. Before I knew it I had my best weekend of running in a long time. Best part is that I felt great both days!

I have kept the ball rolling all this week as well. Had a super track workout on Tuesday where I did mile repeats and felt fast. Then a nice run at the dome and a great Friday morning group run and boom I am at the weekend once aging looking for good miles once more. Now I will not be doing back to back 20 milers but would like to hit 35+ for the weekend. I guess we will see but I will give it a shot.
Sonya at TC10 miler
Just to add to the excitement I get to go to the USATF-MN awards tomorrow night where Sonya will be getting Masters runner of the year for the 3rd time in 4 years. I am so proud of her and how hard she works everyday!!! Congrat's Sonya.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Time is moving slowly

So is it just me or is this winter time just moving so slowly or what? I have enjoyed my winter trail runs do not get me wrong but I also am finding these cold days making this winter see like forever. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that I can't wait for my May trip with the guys to run the R2R2R Grand Canyon run. Either way I will be happy when spring get's here.

So not much to report running wise for me. Been running between 45-65 miles per week for the last 8-10 weeks or so with maybe a few 70's type weeks tossed in there. Mostly just run's nothing special. I have been hitting the indoor track the last 6 weeks doing one night of fast stuff and that has been fun. I am looking at February as the time to start moving up the total volume into the 65-80 mile weeks then I guess go from there. I just have not had much to what I consider to be exciting to report so that is the reason for a big lack of blog posts, sorry. With spring almost here though I have been getting allot of fun new shoes to run in so look for some fun shoe reviews from me soon.

I have updated my race schedule. I have added the Get in Gear 10k in April as this will be my first race as a masters(40+) runner so that should be fun. I have also changed Chip 50k for Trail Mix 50k. I did this for a few reasons. First this allows me to do the 10k race and second this will be better on the pocket book as I do not have to travel as well as I can go work at the shop after the race like last year. Other than that No new races to add. I plan to add a fall marathon to the list but still not sure which one. Would like to do TCM but not sure with work and all I will be able to pull it off yet. Well that's all folks. Happy running.

Here is a great profile on MN's own Scott Jurek from CNN