Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crazy nice weekend

So this weekend seemed so nice after what we have been going through as of late. Not to mention I felt super good both day this weekend. This was one of the best weeks of training I have had in some time. THANK GOD !!!!! I really needed it after the last few weeks. So much is mad about how many miles we are getting in per week but I believe equally important is how we are feeling mentally as well during that time.

This weekend was also the World Cross Country Championships in Scotland. The USA Women's team was lead by two Team USA MN runner in Emily Brown and Katie McGregor. Also on the junior girls side the USA team was lead by two MN girls as well !! The men's team was lead by Jorge Torres. I always love this race. For some great pictures look at this site, what a amazing course.

Lastly this weekend was nice for me since I got to meet Adam while working this weekend. After talking in blog land it was nice to meet face to face. I am looking forward to running some this year with him.

Sat. 3/29- Sonya and I ran with all the kids for the first 5 miles after I got off work. It was very fun to have the whole gang out there. The crazy wind made it hard for Kyra and Summer to bike at times but it all worked out. After we dropped them off Sonya and I took Evan for 5 more miles. I felt super good.

Totals: 1:19:25 10 miles ( New Balance 826 )

Sun. 3/30- Ran with Paul, Heather and Sonya on the Hopkins trail out towards Chaska. Wow super great weather and company on a great dirt path. What more could a guy ask for huh. It was super cool to run with Heather as she was back from Chicago for a visit. We sure do miss her allot. Felt super today as well.

Totals: 2:26:07 20 miles ( Nike Haywards )

Weekly Totals: 72 miles

World XC Video !!!

Here is a link to some 2008 World Cross Country video !!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Much better week so far...

After that horrible weekend and week last week I feel like I have come back good this week so far. I do not know what it was but I have been feeling good this week and also having a better time of it getting out the door.

I know working at such a great shop like TC Running has been a big lift to me. It is such a pleasure to have all the great people coming into the store and being able to help them out. Look for a little of my influence soon with our trail shoe section to get bigger as time goes by. I know that the amount of trail shoes one store sells is not much compared to road shoes but Adam and I hope to have a better than normal selection for people.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact I signed up for the Madcity 100k road race which is two weeks from this Saturday ? I went around and around on what to do. There was one side of me saying I was not ready for this then there was the side saying to just do it and put no expectations on myself. What ever the reason I decided to do it. I knew it was going to work well as far as my work schedule and there was just something inside of me pulling me that way. I do not have a goal for the race other then to just have fun with it and get a good LONG training run out of it. With Sonya also running it will be fun to run with her for some of it. We have never been able to run a ultra together so it should be fun !!! I know they are doing a web cast on the race from there web site. So if you are interested go to the Madcity 100k web site and check it out.

Monday 3/24- I ran a easy run down by the lakes once more. I felt pretty good overall. It was my first day on the new plan.

Totals: 43:22 6 miles ( Nike Elites )

Tuesday 3/25- Ran once more down by the lakes. It was a super nice morning for running. Felt smooth and strong. Temps are looking to be getting better !!

Totals: 1:22:10 11+ miles ( Nike Skylons )

Wednesday 3/26- Ran after work from work. I was not sure about this since I have only once run from there and I was going to be by myself in the dark. It all worked out good. I only took 2 wrong turns and in the end I was happy about it since I was feeling so good. It was a super nice night and I had super great tuns flowing on the ipod. I like the rolling hills by work and look forward to seeing much more as time goes by.

Totals: 56:33 8 miles ( NB 826 )

Thursday 3/27- Ran with Sonya and Evan in the early afternoon. Our first run together with Evan this year. I felt great !!

Totals: 1:18:10 11 miles ( Nike Elites )

Friday 3/28- I ran from home down by the lakes with Evan and Summer riding her bike. I was so much fun to have the two of them with me on such a great afternoon. I look forward to more of this.

Totals: 40:10 5+ miles ( Mizuno Precision )

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lost Weekend

So this last weekend was a total lost for me running wise. I got the big old goose egg for miles. The thought of this was really bothering me on Sunday afternoon but I needed to just get over it. On Saturday there was just no time in the morning since Sonya had a big 4 hour run she started at 5am so she could be done so I could be at work at 10am. Man she did that run in the crappy snow !!! She is tuff, and I wish I had just a sliver of that right about now. After work I had hoped to get in a short run before we got to go out to the Mike Doughty concert. Well needless to say work ran long and I was left with no time. Sonya wanted me to still go but I knew we never get to go out like this so I was not going to pass up a date with my wife. On Sunday let's just say running and the crack of dawn in the cold on icy roads by myself at 5am just was not doing it for me. I tired to get up but just could not do it. I need to have a change real soon. I am sick of winning on the blog like everyday now it seems. Tomorrow starts my new Lydiard program so maybe that will work ?

P.S. by the way the concert was GREAT !!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Time after time......

So the week has gone by and I am happy to say that I have run everyday so far !! I have just tried to get out even when I did not want to, and there was a few days like that. One of the things I believe I have talked about was how not having a plan has kept me wondering around a bit. So yesterday I sat down to put something together. After talking a bit with good buddy Patrick Russell I decided to try a Arthur Lydiard plan. I am using a marathon training plan which I think will work good. Lydiard like the long miles and strengh type stuff so I believe it will transfer well into the ultra marathons. I have always felt that to be a good fast ultra runner you need to train like you would for a hard marathon. We will see how it goes but it is nice to have something to follow and pin up next to my bed to keep me on track. So here is what I did for the week so far running wise.

3/17 Monday- Ran a easy morning run before I went to work. I was a bit stiff. I am sure the harder effort at the race had much to do with that.

Totals: 35:46 5 miles ( Nike Elites )

3/18 Tuesday- Today was a double run go figure. I had a easy 4 miles before work then went for a run with Adam after work from the store. It was a great night to run and it was nice to run and talk with Adam. We got in a solid 6 miles.

Totals: 29:22 4 miles ( New Balance 826 )
45:10 6 miles ( Nike Jasari )

3/19 Wednesday- I did Sonya's hill workout with her before work. My Mom was able to take Evan early with was nice so I could join her. Let me tell you that was f!$king hard !! We did 8 x 600 meter hill. I was ok through the first 4 or 5 but the last 3 where really hard. All in all a tuff run but nice to be with my honey.

Totals: 1:10:12 9 miles ( New Balance 826 )

3/20 Thursday- I ran easy in the afternoon with Evan. It was our first run in the baby jogger for 2008. He is such a good boy !! I was a bit sore after the hills but it was great to run with my little guy and that made everything better. It was very nice outside, hard to think about more snow tomorrow.

Totals: ?? ran with no watch 6 miles ( New Balance 826 )

3/21 Friday- Well let it snow ?? As much as I am so sick of this I would have to say I had fun running in the soft sticky snow. That with my great tunes from my ipod made for a good morning run.

Totals: 44:14 6 miles ( Asics trail attack )

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Could have been better, but not bad

The title sums up the weekend for me. It could have been better but all in all not to bad I guess. At least it gives me a base line to see what's going on as far as shorter type distances. I have done this long enough to know that this is not a great perdictor for a ultra marathon type distance. The key for me as I guess with all of us is being more consistant with things. Not this roller coaster weeks of running. I am going to try this next week to focus on getting in more miles and sticking with a workout each week. To start I need to write up a plan on stick with it. Some time ago when putting togeather a plan for my wife Sonya for the upcomming USATF 100k championships I figured I would just follow the same thing. Problem was I did not and now allways feel like I am playing catch up with her. I belive I need to just write my own plan. Wish me luck !!

Friday 3/14- Did not run today, we had a team uniform get togeather at TC Running Co. tonight which was nice of Adam to do. I am in a wierd way looking foward to the St. Pats Human Race even though I know I will have a hard run.

Totals: 0

Saturday 3/15- I ran a nice easy run with my ipod before work. I felt pretty good but not as zippy as I would like to feel the day before a race. My second workout of the day was a crazy day of work at the TCRC. Man what a fun feeling helping so many runners !!!

Totals: 35:35 5 miles ( Nike Elite )

Sunday 3/16- Today was race day. It was so great to see all my friends and just all the runners gathered togeather at the race. It was a great day for running weather wise. I had a nice warm up with Pete Gilman and Greg Sorenson. I think we got in like 3 miles on the warm up. During the race I felt like I had on a govenouer on me like those old time cars you could drive at Valleyfair when you where a kid. Running 6:15 miles was pretty smooth but hell 6:00 min miles seemed harder than it should. In the end I held off my tuff ass wife Sonya in running 30:08 to her 30:21. She was ok with her race given things. Last year she was like 29:50 ish so I know she would have liked to be under 30 min's once more but she will take it. For me It was hard to be 3 min's off what I ran hear the last time but like I said I will live with it and move on. Now I just need to decide what to run next ?

Totals: 1:45:?? 15 miles ( Nike Jasari )

Miles for the week: 41 ( ouch !! )

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More of the same

This weeks training so far has brought me much more of the same. While I am very happy with the weather getting warmer I am still holding out for the trails to be open before I say I am 100% happy. This week has found me feeling tired more and more and still feeling less than adequate with my training with the upcoming race season. I have been getting in my weekly long runs pretty good but can not seem to bridge the gap in the middle of the week ? I guess I will keep on trying and see where it gets me. I do know that my "key" race of the year is way off in August at the Leadville 100 but I would like to feel better going into some of these led up events.

On a different note how about Halie saying he was not going to run the marathon in the upcoming Olympics. I am torn on what to think. Part of me is like I get it because of the crazy pollution and all, but it is not as if he would not be running in the same air if he ran the 10,000 meters. Plus it is not as if he is running many miles over many days there in the air. Hell if only 26 miles of running could really be that bad there how is it that normal people who breath it in day after day do it ? While I have the most respect for him I feel as if it is the fricken Olympics and given that you go to the line in what is the ultimate sporting event.

3/11- 35:07 5 miles ( Nike Elite )

3/12- 43:22 6 miles ( Nike Haywards )

3/13- 37:33 5 miles ( Nike Elite ) * VERY ICY AT 6AM

Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting it done

Today was a recovery run day. I felt over all pretty good after yesterdays 20 miler. Sonya ran 1st so I was able to sleep a little bit longer which was nice. I was super tired last night. So much so I had a hard time making it trough the movie 3:10 to Yuma. That was saying allot since I have wanted to see it since it came out last summer time.

I felt pretty good over all during the run. I am looking to do a lit bit of speed work tomorrow so I knew it was a nice day to keep it short. I am signed up for this weekend St Patty 8k race but not sure yet if I am running it. I know I am far from peak shape that is for sure, and even farther away from any kind of short race like a 8k shape. I guess we will have to play it by ear. In one way I am thinking just use it as a workout and go into it not thinking about racing. Either way it will be nice to be at the races once more. It has been to long !!

Totals: 35:09 5 miles ( Nike Elite )

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Way to go Andrew !!

Andrew Calrson of Team USA MN won the USATF 15K running championships this weekend at the Gate River Run in Florida. He also won a cool $17K !!! Nice job. My buddy Matty G also from the team was 11th overall in a solid race as well, and Kattie McGregger was 2nd female. Good job to everyone.

Salviging crapy weekend

So between last nights small get together of a few friends and my morning long run with Paul I found a way to salvage a crappy weekend of running. It was one of the weeks once more where I was going to miss two days of running then all of a sudden I found myself felling like hell mentally wise and missing a 3rd day of the week. Needless to say I was very down on myself. All I know is that I am so so sick of this cold winter and ready for spring where I can have the freedom to run with my son in the jogger when ever I want to !

Things got alot better when a few friends came over and we shared some stories over a few drink and what not. Nothing like friends to pull you out of a downer huh. Thanks everyone !! Between that and my kick ass new job I am sitting pretty good overall.

I met Paul early this morning for a run on the Minnetonka trail. I do like this place with the soft crushed gravel/limestone. It beets the hell out of the roads day in day out. Paul and I talked about lots like normal which was great. It was a tad colder early on in the run with the wind and lack of sun. I did feel rested with that days off. We also kept up a good solid pace. The only bad thing on the run was the fact I needed to go to the bathroom like 4 times overall and that I ripped my favorite tights trying to get over a fence to use the port a pot. I was pretty tired but happy I did it.

2:25:19 20 miles ( NB 826 )

Weekly Totals: 46 ( 4 days of running )

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy B-day Kevin

Happy Birthday little brother !!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mid Week Re-Cap 3/4- 3/6

It has been a crazy week for me. Starting a new job has been so great in so many ways. I can feel the positive energy from TC Running Company going through me. It is so much better making it through the weekly grind when you know you have this positive part of your life going on. I love working retail and it feels great to be having so many people to help day in day out. I feel like I have also seen the effect in my running this week. Plus with the MN State boys hockey tourney starting up how can a Minnesotan not be happy ! My picks for the winners are Class A: Duluth Marshall and Class AA: Roseau.

Tuesday 3/4- I Ran a easy run from home. I was still a bit tired from the long run but was ok. I am very sick of the cold !!!

Totals: 48:22 6+ miles ( NB 826 )

Wednesday 3/5- One more easy run from home in the morning. I ran by the lakes. Felt better but still feeling the cold to much. I am so sick of this weather I could puke people.

Totals: 1:00:28 8+ miles ( Nike Elites )

Thursday 3/6- I ran a speed workout at the Dome. I was very happy with how I felt overall, but felt I am still in the hole when it comes to total base and speed. I ran like 8x 600's with 1 min rest at 5:15-5:25 mile pace. Still need much more in order to hold the high pace for a longer time.

Totals: 1:09:44 11 miles ( Nike Haywards )

Monday, March 3, 2008

A New Start

Today was my first day at my new job at TC Running company. I can not tell you how excited I was to go to work !!! It has been a long time since I felt that way. What a great store with so much to offer all runners. Tons of shoes and clothing. It has been since my days of running the Runners' Edge store for 13 years since I had this much product to work with and this many customers to help !!! It was a great feeling. If you ever need anything or have a question please let me know. I am there Monday tru Wednesday 12-8pm and most weekends.

There was no run today after the crazy 30 miler !!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap 2/29-3/2

After a no run Friday I looked to have a good weekend of running. I know I have said this before but I am getting sick of missing that extra day of running. I would love to get back to a 7 days a week of running but am fine with 6 days and 1 day off or some cross-training. Oh well got to take the good with bad I guess.

Saturday 3/1- Sonya and I ran in the late afternoon from my parents. It was a nice run !! Weather was pretty good and I got to run with a vest and no jacket which was nice. I felt very very good.

Totals: 1:06:10 9 miles ( Nike Haywards )

Sunday 3/2- Sonya and I dropped the kids off and set up shop in French Park. We where going to be doing 3 laps of 10 miles each looking for a 30 mile day. Our friend Paul ran the first 2 laps with us and our friend Sean Smith did the middle lap with us. It was a pretty nice morning to run. The wind got better each lap and the ice was getting better as well. We rocked out the laps. The 1st was 1:20, 2nd- 1:15, and the 3rd was 1:17 or so. I think we both felt real good till the last 3 miles or so. My legs knew that we where running 10 miles farther than we have run in some time.

Totals: 3:54:28 30 miles ( Nike Skylon )

Total for the week: 69 miles ( 5 days of running )