Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Feeling Zippy

It was great running tonight with Jason " zippy" Minnick and Greg. We went down by Lake Calhoon for a easy after work run. It was nice and crisp out at our 8:30pm starting time. I was also feeling real good after having Dr. Folske do a little active realease on me before the run. Man if you ever have any problems Wade is the guy to look up.

I was hoping to go only like 5 or 6 miles but I was feeling so good I thought 7 was going to be ok. What's 1 more mile ? Any how the pace was nice as well. I know I always run faster when I run with those guys which is good. I thought to myself after the run that I wish I feel like this come Sunday for the marathon. One funny thing on this run was having that guy fly pass us running when you know they are going like maybe one or two miles. I think all 3 of us wanted to go after him but we knew better.

Miles for the day= 7

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