Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rockin with Russell

So knowing that I would be running a longer run on Thursday morning with Patrick "PR" Russell I took Wednesday as a off day. It was a great idea given the fact we where going 30 min's farther than I have gone so far post sports hernia surgery.

I was meeting PR at his house at 5:15 am !! Man was it early, but I was very excited to run with Pat. I have always loved running and sharing idea's about running with Pat. I think we both have a deep passion for the sport and connect on many idea's on running and how the sport can be better. As we made our way around the streets of St Paul I was feeling very very good. We where talking up a storm and keeping the pace nice and easy. We both had our heart rate monitors on so that was keeping us in check. I think it was not till about 1 hour 20 min's or so that I could feel it in my legs that we where longer than I had been in sometime. By the time we where back at his house we got in like 1 hour 40 min's !!! I was very happy. I am not sure how far that was. I am guessing like 13 or 14 miles ? It was a great run and I am looking forward to many more of those runs with Pat.

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