Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kickin it old school

Today for my workout I decided it made the most sense to go to the Northwest YMCA since it is by my parents and I was going to have to get the kids from there anyhow. It brought back many old memories. I used to go there some when I was little to play basketball and even to some lock-in dance nights !!

That being said they have done many new things to the club and it was nice to be back. I did try my idea of doing the elliptical machine first before the bike. It made a big difference. My leg's felt much better this way and I will have to keep this in mind for the future. I ended up running 2.9 miles in 20 min's which was a new pr for me !!! I then did 20 more min's on the bike. I even tried reading a magazine while on the bike. I think I could make that work. Any how it was a good day all in all.

Miles for the day= 2.9 elliptical and 7 miles biking

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