Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend wrap

It was a pretty good weekend overall on many fronts for me. I got is a good two days of running and had some great time doing holiday things with Sonya and the family.

Saturday got off to a good start with a nice morning run. I did a good little 5 mile loop from home running some of the parkways and some neighborhoods. I really like running in the neighborhoods around Minneapolis. I guess the reason I like it is because to me they feel real. You know back in the day when not every 3rd house looks the same ? Do not get me wrong I did grow up in a western suburb, and I am very big on running in different places and appreciating them for what they are. I love running a great trail by the river, or running a nice dirt road, or a great city loop. But I like to mix it up. The same thing every day even if it seems great will get old to me in time.

Sunday was a day full of shopping for Sonya, Evan and me. We got to it pretty early, but had a lot of fun. Evan was a trooper that was for sure. We broke the day up wit a great run from my parents house. It was my longest run yet !! A big old 9 miles with my honey. It was so great to get to run with Sonya. With the weather and all we have not had many chances. It is hard to put Evan in the jogger when it is so cold and snowy out.

After the run we hit up a few more places for gifts and such. At the end of the day I felt like we got allot done. That is a great feeling to have. The only sad note of the weekend was Sonya's Steelers loosing !!! Oh well there is always next week huh.

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