Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Update

So it was really great to run everyday this weekend. After my maiden voyage on Thursday I did another 2 mile loop from home on Friday. That run was OK but I was for sure stiffer that the day before.

On Saturday I got to run in our first snow storm of the year !!! It was so great. Man I know there are days where you hate the cold but all in all I am so happy for the different seasons for running. Then aging check back with me in 2 months and I might think differently.

Sundays run was also pretty good. I am very happy with how my body has been feeling. I know it is early in the recovery game, but so far so good. I believe I have another week of 2-3 miles per time of running. After that I hope to start making the runs a bit longer. Maybe I can add some cross training in the mix as well. It looks like January 1st will be the time where I can get back to long runs and such !! Better safe than sorry.

Miles for the weekend= 5 total

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