Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where has the time gone ?

Man has some time pasted since the last blog update. Not much new in the world of Kurt. I am healing pretty good I think. I go in to see the doctor on Monday for my first check up. I am hoping he will give me the OK to start doing a bit of aqua jogging or something. I am feeling better each day that goes by. I am still sore but not bad at all.

So how about those cross country championships last Monday. It was good to see the mighty Ducks do so well once more. Maybe it's the PRE rube in me. Plus the Minnesota men ran well. It was their third best team finish ever !! I know the women's team was bumbled about things but hell they overall had the best season in school history.

Lastly on the race reporting front it looks like some great racing at the Ultra centric 24 hour USA championships last weekend. Many people with BIG miles. I believe there was like 20 people with over like 120 miles or so. I bet shorting out the loop and taking that 2 little hills out worked well. Humm maybe next year ? Take care everyone and have a great turkey day !!!

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