Wednesday, February 28, 2007

comming around

Much better !!! Todays run was not to bad, go figure. As I went out I just kept telling myself to stay easy and just make it around the lake and back. As it turned out I added on a bit. That was a nice change. I just have to keep telling myself to take it one day at a time. Looks like todays run will be crazy. It is snowing like mad out !!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

still slow

I had hoped to feel better on todays run. I thought ok let's do a easy 6 miles today since you where a bit off yesterday. As it turned out I felt pretty much the same as the day before. Now do not get me wrong it is not the end all, but i still felt slow. We will see today if it get's better. I am feeling a bit better and will run after work. I guess that 25 mile snow run took more out of me than I thought. I am just glad I did not have to do Sonya's 8 mile tempo run with her today. I might have died.

Monday, February 26, 2007

the day after

It's funny how tired one can be the day after a 25 mile run in the snow and a few hours of snow removal. I found this out while running with my good friend Nick. We went running last night after work down by the lakes. It was a nice 7 mile loop. I felt ok for the most part but was a tad stiff in my legs. I guess that should be expected huh. I just got to keep with it and stay the course. The next few weeks will be what I need to get ready for my spring racing.

-For those of you not from Mpls. When one talks about the " Lakes " they are talking about the chain of lakes in the uptown area in Mpls. It is a great place to run. The paths are always clear and you can run on forever. The Twin Cities Marathon runs by this area.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

How about a snow run ?

As a life long Minnesota guy I am never shocked by the weather come winter time. It seems like every year as of late people think well maybe we will get a year with not much snow and then BAM !!! It snows like crazy. Well this weekend was that time. After a cold but not very snowy winter a comming off a week of mid 30's to low 40's people where feeling pretty good. We got hit pretty good.

Well to be honest I was for the most part kind of happy with the snow. I for one like running in the snow and heck it is winter in Minnesota for God's sake. So after about 30+ min's of shoveling so we could get the car out Sonya, Evan and I went out to Ma and Pa Deckers for a run. Evan loves his time Grandma and Grandpa's house while mom and dad run.

We had a 25 miler on the books to do and we thought our best bet was to just run side streets all over to avoid lot's of cars. Plus those roads had been plowed as well. Let me just say this run was just what the doctor ordered for me. I felt so good out there with Sonya running in the snow. I had had a ruff last few days and needed something to pick me up and this did that. Other than a 2 mile streach in Maple Grove where we had a few ASS HOLES in there suv's who did not want to share the road it was great. I felt very good after and Sonya looked great as per normal for her. Let me tell you she will be so ready come April 7th and the 100k.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Chasing Kimba

Ok so I am on fire today in blog world. If you never have seen the web site you take a look. It is a blog/ web cam following some great Kenyon runners who run for New Balance and are training for upcomming marathons. It will move you !!!

please go

You know the last few days I have been thinking about the upcomming World Cross Country Championships. They hold these every year. To me this is the most pure of races in the world that the "elite" runners from all the world compete in. It brings it all togeather. Short distance people like milers all the way up to top 10,000 meters runners compete in this one race. What also makes it pure to me it the fact that it is on grass. Not a high tech track or road. There are no rabbits to set the pace. It's just running. This year it is in Kenya of all places. To many runners Africa and in this case Kenya is the home of cross country. So to me this makes it more special than normal. But like most years team USA will not have all of it's top runners running. Why ? I know it is easy for me to sit hear on my chair and say that. But I guess I would think that any time you can run in a championship race for your country why not do it. It is hard for me to understand. Maybe because I would do anything to wear that USA on my chest.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

one more day, one more run

Today was just as I thought it would be for the run. Slow and tired. I guess it makes sence since it was the day after a hard workout. I hear that we here in Minnesota are going to get bombed with snow the next few days. Should make the runs seem harder. But on the other hand I tend to like running in fresh snow. We will see. I hope to get out later after work for my run. I think I will take it easy one more day. I am supposed to go long this weekend with Sonya and our good friend Paul. Need to rest up till then.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Off to the Races

I guess it's no time like now to join the blogging world !!! I hope to let you all in on me and my familys life. As you will come to see it has alot to do with the sport of ultrarunning. See you all on the web soon !!!

Wow is she tuff

I joinind my wife Sonya for a road workout. It called for a 7 mile tempo run. I thought hell let's give it a shot. Sonya is training for her road ultra debut at the USATF 100k championships in Madison, Wi. on April 7th. I like to tag along with her on these days because it can only make me tuffer. Well I was correct. It was a great day down at the lakes. Sunny with temps in the upper 30's. As we headed out I felt a bit stiff but started to loosen up after 20 min's or so. Things where great untill we had like 10 min's left in the workout. I was dying to keep just in front of her! As we got to the end, which I thought was never going to come. I thought to myself what a tuff wife I have and how great she will do at the 100k race. I also thought man I am glad this is over !!! Till next time happy trails to you all.