Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall 50

This weekend Sonya ran in the Fall 50 miler in northern Wisconsin. Wow what a great race. It was the second year of the race. I think there was like 53 solo runners and like 70+ teams competing. The course was nice and super pretty with the fall leaves and great shore line along Green Bay. This is a for sure one on my books when I get back at it running wise. Sonya did very well. She was 2nd female, 1st masters and 7th runner overall. Her time was like 7hrs 26 min for 50 miles. I think she was shooting for like 7 hours or so. She split 6:57 for 50 miles at this springs 100k race in Madison,WI. I would say this course was much slower with the hills. Either way I was very proud of her and all. Hell she just was 20th overall at TCM just 2 weeks before !!!

As for me with my running I did a little running getting Sonya her bottles and etc. I felt ok but for sure could tell all things are not good down there.

We had a great time looking around the next day. I would recommend this area to all !!! This is a few pictures from the weekend as well.

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nwgdc said...

congrats to sonya! it was a fantastic event!