Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Go Vikings Go !!

Man look out for my Vikings, they are on fire !! Then aging being a true fan I am always ready for the bottom to drop out so I will not get to heavy into the "punch".

I have had a few good days of running this week. On Monday I got out for a nice morning run so I could be free to watch the Vikes game after work. I ran a good little loop by the lakes. I ran a tad faster at the end then what I have been doing as of late. Maybe it was my need to go to the bathroom had a little to do with it ? Either way I was happy to pick it up some. I ended up with 5 mile run.

For my Tuesday run I went with Nick and Greg S. from Greg's house in St Louis Park. It was good to run with those guys. It had been a long time since I ran with Greg. We ran a real nice loop that we figured was like 7+ miles. I felt super good running with them. I think we ran a pretty solid pace as well. One of the funny things we talked about on the run was our idea to have a running race on a frozen lake. That would be fun by itself but we thought about adding a ice fishing part to it. Something like you get to subtract time off of your "running time" based on how big your fish is you catch. Could be funny !! We think this idea is pure Minnesotan.


Lisa said...

Kurt- you have to check out Riley's blog ( from the 18th to see her picture counterpart to E's.

nwgdc said...

sorry, but i will serve as "reality checker" considering i live 60 minutes from Lambeau Field:

Tavaris Jackson.

(Not sure I need to say any more than that.)