Monday, November 30, 2009

How we run

So as many of us know there has been a big push over the last year or so on "running natural" and how we run. Where that be with things like Newton running shoes, Vibram five finger I believe that we all can learn something from this and apply it to our running form. We all can work on getting more efficient, it will make running more fun and help us get faster. This is a little video I found from Newton running shoes that in my mind does a great job it showing how it all works. In the end like I said shoes like this can maybe help you. But we all can learn something. Enjoy and I hope to post more this week about our trip out east to Pittsburgh last week. Lot's of hill running.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A little bit more than last week

That was what I kept telling myself all week. Just keep shooting for a little bit more than last week. Last week I got good total miles with that big 35 mile day out at Elm Creek but overall I did not get out many days. This week was better in that I got out the door 5 of the 7 days of the week. Now I just need to keep adding more miles with the days. I would like to build up to a point where I am up to 7 days and like 65 to 75 miles per week with 2 speed/ uptempo day mixed in. I know in the past this worked well for me. I figure if I can do that most of the winter that will make getting some 80+ miles weeks in come April and beyond will be much easier. It is all talk for now I need to just do it as I have no one to blame but myself if I do not make it happen.

One week from Saturday it is Western States 100 mile lottery day !! That will be a big day as it will help me shape what I am looking at training wise come summer of 2010. With all of this and some added strength work I hope to rebound after 2+ years of running far under what I know I have and can do from my past. It is not like I am looking 10 years back in time for crying out loud.

This a great little 2 min video made by New Balance about their outdoor runners. Check it out as it has a old Minnesota runner in Brandy in it !!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elm Creek Trail Run

Man oh man am I the only one who has been stuck with this sickness of coughing non-stop for the last few weeks. Well let's just say it sucks and sure puts a damper on running. After a few weeks of hardly running, and I mean hardly like 10 miles in the last 10 days or so. That sucks as it has been so very nice out to run all that time. Well Sunday was a day I was looking forward to for a few weeks now as I was having a few friends meet me out at Elm Creek park for a little trail run. I have this 25k loop I like to run out there and wanted to show it off to some folks and see what they thought as I hope to have a race out there maybe next year. So I had to suck it up and get ready to run.

Well I awoke at 4am Sunday to a great crisp morning. Sonya and I packed the van up and headed out to the park for a early start to the day. Sonya was looking to run 62 miles so we knew we needed to get going early. Helen meet up with us for the start so that was cool. Both Sonya and I thought it would be fun to run and talk more with Helen and what better way to get to know someone better than start running at 6am on the trails with them. After a great first 25k loop we meet up at the parking lot with a good group of maybe 12 people ?? It was a great day to run.

As we went out on that next loop I really felt myself being pulled in multiple directions since I wanted to run with and talk to all the different people. But as we all know that is just real hard to do ans there was many different paces being run. I felt like I was running a workout sliding back in forth between two groups. Plus I could feel my many weeks of sickness and lack of running starting to show itself around 20 miles or so. Once I got back to the van after 30 miles I knew I needed a break. I talked to some folks who seemed to like the trail even though a few of them got turned around a a place or two. I guess that happens when you can only mark the trail just a bit. I wish I could have talked to more people but I missed a few before they left.

After most everyone was gone I knew I needed to eat, stretch and rest as Sonya would need me on the last loop of her 62 mile day. So I sat back in the van and listen to my Vikes crush the Lions and waited for the kids to show up with our friends Ward and Joelle. Once the kids got there Sonya came in after 75k and was looking strong. The kids and I drove to a few places on the course to help her out then I went out for the last 5 miles or so with her. It was great to see how tuff and strong she was. The kids joined in for the last mile in the dark which was real fun. Sonya finished up in 11hours 24 mins for 100k. Not bad for a self supported trail run. I was happy with how my body felt running with her that last 5 miles after sitting around for many hours. All in all it was a nice day on the trails. I hope to have a few more of these before the snow flies. Thanks to everyone who helped Sonya and I pull off this day, and thanks to all who came out to run !!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back Online

So this Halloween we did the family costume idea and the kids wanted to be the Scooby Doo gang. It turned out to be lot's of fun for all. Thanks God it was not to cold out so we could show off the costumes in full.

We also had the 6th Edge Cup Beer Relays this past weekend at the Decker home. We had a great night and good time once more this year. Big shout out to my partner Brian who going into this night had only had 4 beers in his life then took down 3 (note I drank 1 of his so I ended the night with 5 beers in 16 min's or so) during the relay in all of 16+ min's. Note to self this does not get any easier as the years pass.