Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sickness sucks

So I have been feeling under the weather as of late. With that being said it has been very easy to take some time off. I took Saturday off figuring I needed the sleep more. As for Sunday I got in a very nice 11+ miles in with Sonya and Evan. We ended up running into our friends Jason and Rose for part of the run. I felt pretty good. I am excited to go up to Door County with Evan and Sonya this weekend for the 50 mile race Sonya is doing !!!! I think she will do great.

On a side note if you can please go see the movie " Into the Wild " it is so so great. I think it is a very moving movie and many fronts and something that can touch us all.

Miles for the day= 11+

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nwgdc said...

my wife and i are headed to door county also for the 50 mile relay! We'll be in the bright yellow jerseys--"NF Marathon Team." I'm excited, it should be beautiful.
I also want to see Into the Wild. I've read the book and have a yearning to go see "The Bus!"