Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Top 10 of 2015 Kurt list

Wow has a year gone by already? I guess it's that time for my yearly top 10 albums list. So this year for me was a great year for new music. It was very hard for me to just do a top 10 list. What I really liked was that there was so many different styles that moved me this year.  A few albums that missed the cut but I would for sure check out are Noel Gallagher's high flying birds- Chasing Yesterday, Major Lazer- Peace is the Mission, El Vy- Return to the Moon, Leon Bridges- Coming Home, Chris Cornell- Higher Truth. So not to bore you anymore drum roll please...........

10) Muse- Drones : This band always delivers great driving/pounding rock anthems

9) Garry Clark Jr- The story of Sonny Boy Slim : The next great Blues guitarist from Austin. I can almost hear Stevie Ray playing with him. I got to see him live sometime soon.

8) Ryan Adams- 1989 : Who else can take a pop queens songs and make them his own? The answer is no one can. These songs has a new life with him behind the wheel.

7) Alabama Shakes- Sound & Color : My first listen I liked it but with each spin I found I fell more and more in love with the groove of this album.

6) Puscifer- Money Shot : One word.. Maynard. Yes I listen to this and become hypnotized by what I hear and also become more and more excited for the Tool album this year!!

5) Grimes- Art Angels : I will have to admit I did not know much about Grimes before this but man did she deliver. These pop/ dance tracks make you want to move.

4) Jason Isbell- Something more than Free : What more can I say other than great classic singer songwriter americana. Makes you want to get on the road, roll the windows down and see the country.

3) Wilco- Star Wars : This is the Wilco I know and love. I have seen them so many times but would love to hear them play these songs in a dark theater where I could just sit back take the wall of sound and let me mind wonder.

2) Modest Mouse- Strangers to Ourselves : One of my favorites did not disappoint at all. The groves that they bring are second to none. I was so bummed to miss their show in the cities this summer.

1) Chvrches- Every open eye : After the first album I did not know if they could match the intense emotional feel songs but not only did they match it, they took it to another level. This album always is a pick me up so well played Chvrches, well played!!