Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday fun run

So far it has been a good week. My goal leading into the week was to run 6-7 days this week. Well after my Friday run I am on track for that.

Wednesdays run was from my parents house once more. Like last week, it was good to get a run in back on a loop at mom and dads. This works good to break things up. As much as I love my loops by the lakes it can get a bit old. When I went out it was very cold out. I was very happy to have my nice and warm Montrail Mountain Hardware team jacket on. I felt pretty good overall. The footing was good and there was some great holiday lights to look at along the way. I belive I ended up with like 5+ miles.

Thursday was a day off for me. I had wanted to run but after a long day doing stuff around the house with Evan I was not feeling up to it by the time Sonya got home from work. What's funny is that I used to love running after work and such at night but now if I do not get out during the day it becomes very hard for me to get out the door ? Go figure.

Friday was a great little fun run. I made it out the door in the morning. I felt great and was very happy that I took the day before off. As I was out there all the kids where getting on their way to school. Something about seeing that always makes me happy ? I belive in the end I got in like 5 miles. Like I said before I felt pretty good overall but my right hamstring was a bit sore toward the end of the run. I do not think it was much.

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