Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great start

After having the weekend off of running with Sonya being gone and all I am ready to roll this week. I told myself I was looking to run at least 6 of the days if not all 7. I believe I am getting to that point. I have been feeling pretty good and am still keeping it slower and having some shorter days as well.

I got off to a great start this week wit a nice run on Monday with Liz after work. I ran to her place from our house and we did a real nice loop. It was great to talk and see what's up with her. I was feeling good and was very happy to get my longest run of like 7 miles that day !!

On Tuesday I ran with Nick after work. We had a great 5 mile loop from his house. What was nice as well was that the pace was pretty good to. Maybe just a bit over 7 min mile pace. It was nice to stretch my legs a bit from my 7:45- 8:00 min pace I have been doing as of late. Plus as a bonus I got to see his pretty little baby girl after the run !!! I love seeing my friends kids. It is also nice to see how much Nick and Cindy love her. They are good friends and are very lucky people.

I am looking forward to the rest of the week and maybe some run's with my friends Patrick and Paul in the mix ? We will see but it is great to be back !!

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