Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chicago Marathon, who will win ?

Here is a little write up I got off of Marathon Guide.com on the Chicago marathon. It will most likly be a great race as usual. I would love to see what kind of time could be run at TCM if they where to spend the kind of $$$ the big marathons do on elites.

Chicago Marathon - This Weekend
The Chicago Marathon is always fast and this year's men's field will highlight some of the top marathoners who are also some of the champions who have been most consistent and long-lived in the sport (and we think anyone who has been at the top for four to ten years is long-lived). Included in the field will be Lee Bong-Ju who has been near the top of the sport since 1996, achieving the silver medal at the 1996 Olympics, winning the Boston Marathon in 2001, and most recently running his third fastest marathon while winning the 2007 Seoul Marathon in March in 2:08:04. Also running will be 2006 Chicago runner-up, Daniel Njenga, who has been a top-three finisher in Chicago in each year since 2002. Jaoud Gharib - the two-time (2003/2005) IAAF world champion and most recently 4th place finisher at the 2007 London Marathon will run Chicago for the first time. Evans Rutto, the 2003/2004 Chicago champion and holder of the sixth fastest marathon time ever run will return to Chicago. Felix Limo, whose first sub 2:07 finish took place in 2003 and who was the 2005 Chicago and 2006 London Marathon winner will also return to Chicago.

Kurt's picks to be top 3:
1st Evans Rutto
2nd Jaoud Gharib
3rd Ben Maiyo

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