Thursday, November 29, 2007

We have take off !!

Today was my first run post surgery !!!It has been 7 weeks since my last run. That is a long time let me tell you. It has been 1993 since I had a streak that long without a run.

It felt good to get out there. It was weird putting on my running tights, etc. for the first time in awhile. In a way I was a bit nervous. I was looking to run from our house to Lake Harriet and back. I figured that would be 2 miles and a good start. Plus with a out and back if I had to it would be easy to turn early if I had to. Plus it was a pretty flat course.

I felt pretty good running !! It was great to feel my body moving once more. I was running real slow and pretty surprised how it felt toward the end. I was more tired that I would have thought. I guess that was a pretty long break. As for soreness I was pretty OK. I was a bit sore/tight toward the end but nothing much. I know my buddy Patrick Russell who also had this done not to long ago said that was how he felt as well.

Either way it was great to be back at what I love so much and something that is such a part of my life. In just 2 miles I was dreaming of what I hoped to do next season. What a great feeling !!

Miles for the day= 2


sr in tx said...

Congratulations on your return to running. Your excitement will, no doubt, motivate you in your training and have you kicking butt in no time!!

Gregg said...

Nice to have you back Kurt! Take it easy and all will be well. Hope to see you this winter some time.

SteveQ said...

Welcome back!