Saturday, September 18, 2010

Low Profile

So with all the crazy talk in the paper the other day when a certain you know who in town talking about his book ( notice I am not saying the names? ) and his idea's on how to run. I found this great little video about the new for March 2011 New Balance Minimus shoes. They have a trail and road version. Both look and feel good to me. There is also a few great road version Inov-8 shoes out spring 2011. For that person who wants to feel low there will be lot's of good "new options" soon. I am looking forward to it allot. P.S. I have some five fingers and think they are great; just not for everyday use for me. Key word being "for me". Later people.......

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I guess there is allot to hope for. For one I am hopeful that maybe this abdomen thing is maybe not one more hernia for me but maybe a muscle pull and some scar tissue tearing? Either way things have been feeling a bit better over the last week. Not to say it is poof all better but it is on a upswing. I am going to give it a good test this week and see how it goes. If all feels ok I think I might go sign up for the Fall 50 mile race up in Door County in late October. Sonya is running and we where going to make a weekend/ 5 year anniversary out of it so why not run huh. I need a 50 mile if I want any chance of running Western States 100 next year. Then again I will not be stupid and do something I am not ready for and only hurt myself more.

Speaking of Sonya she ran a great City of Lakes 25k this last weekend. I think like 6th overall and 2nd masters runner behind some gal from Colorado. She ran 1:42 which is a solid time for her and I was super happy for her. I think she is in pretty good shape and will have a great TC 10 mile then Fall 50 mile with any luck.

I will leave today's post with some great video's on Krissy Moehl. I got to know her a little a few years ago when I was part of the Montrail ultrarunning team. I found her to be a great person. Here are two real good video's to let you see all about her and what ultrarunning is about. Enjoy !!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

That's what friends are for

I often talk to people about how special running is to me in oh so many ways. I do not know where to start with this, I could go on forever. All I know is that when times are tuff one of the things that always pulls me thru is my wife, family and running friends. My friends inspire me to get out there when I do not want to, to maybe go a little farther than I wanted to, to push when I feel like shit, or to just say good job after a run. I will never take you all for granted (even if it is 5am and I had just 5 hours sleep) because you make the journey so worth all the crap at times. Thanks !!!

Here is my buddy Chris at last weekends World Mt. Championships on the way to team silver !!! Nice job man I am proud of you.