Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is Ultrarunning ?

This is the latest Ultra trail running year end video by Montrail runner Matt Taylor. I have always enjoyed his blog work with all the videos and such. Please go to his site and tell him good job if you enjoy this. I would find it hard to believe that anyone would not find it great. It makes me so excited for spring and all the upcomming trail fun I will have with my friends. Enjoy and great job Matt !!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Runner of the Year

Last night I had the honor of going to the 2nd annual USATF-MN awards banquet. I was there on a few fronts. One was to pick up the great team awards our TC Running team won in last years team circuit. We got 1st Open Men, 1st Masters Men, 1st Grandmaster Men, and 2nd Open Women. I was very proud of my team and all my teammates. My other reason to be there was because my wife Sonya won Female Masters runner of the year !! I was so so proud of her. Lot's of her teammates and friends came out to Cheer which was nice. After the awards a few of us even went out for some drinks and a near by Champs. It was a good night in all.

Training has continued to roll along. One more solid week with a good long run today on the snowshoe trails at Lebanon Hills park and a super workout at the Dome on Thursday night. Fill out the rest of the week with some solid runs and I was a happy camper today. Plus hell team USA hockey beat Canada tonight to top it off. Now I just need to finish off the month in style !!!

**This looks like a fun race. Maybe someday ?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steady as it goes

The title of this blog entry sums up one more week in the books for me. Things have been overall very steady. I did miss my first day of running in like 50+ days last Thursday but that was ok as it was going to be a very late night run and I knew I had to get out early the next day. No need to run twice in like 7 hours. I ended up the weekend good with a solid 11 miles with Steve on Saturday then I got in a Valentines run with Sonya. We where looking at 30 miles for the day. Sonya got in the full 30 miles but I called it a day after 24 miles. My groing was getting pretty sore and I figured better safe than sorry. It was still a upgrade of 4 miles to the long run and I ended the weekend with a solid 35 miles. My run last night tells me that it was a good call to stop early on Sunday. All parts where pretty good as I knocked out a solid 9 miles. Keep it rolling people !!

P.S. Great job by all who ran the Psycho Wyco trail races last weekend. Helen has a good write up on the trip down in the TC Running RV.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Double the Fun

What a weekend it was. As people who follow this blog know I have been on a very good streak of running for sometime now and feeling like I am getting my grove back mentally about running. This post from super ultra runner Goeff Roes awhile back really helped me get in a good frame of mind. As we all know being in a good place upstairs helps so much when getting out the door.

So this weekend like all the past few ones I found myself getting out early with Paul on Saturday morning. This week we where going to do 20 miles. This was going to be my longest run yet of this year. The 18 miles last week felt good so I was up to added on the extra 2 miles. The run on a whole was great. Paul and I had a great time talking and running down by the lakes and such. I would say the first 18 miles where great. Now the last 2 miles kind of went down hill a bit because the footing was getting harder but all in all we got in a solid 20. After the run I was a bit sore but overall not bad.

After a good day and night of drinking water and eating some food I was excited to be able to run with Sonya. She was going to do 20 miles as well and I figured I would just go along for the ride then drop off after a while. Well mile after mile went by and I was feeling super good. So going by my "Goeff" attitude I was going with the flow. Before I knew it I had in a second day of 20 miles !! Man back to back 20 mile days. Boy it had been awhile. So long that I do not think I even had done this before Leadville 100 last summer. Man I was happy with myself.

This weekend gave me lot's of confidence in what I am doing as a runner and continues to make me excited for the upcoming season. Bring on the races... but not before some more good training.

The great weekend ended with a fun day of sledding for Summer's b-day party with the girls, my brothers and Kraig's little Lucy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What makes us believe

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

I am so pleased to share with you this amazing and special movie I found posted on Flotrack. This is the story of the Men of York H.S. cross country team. This team has won a ton of state titles over the years but what struck me most while watching this was how lucky I feel to have had the H.S. coach I had and the teammates I had. Many people take many things for granted over the years but for me the lessons I learned back then 20+ years ago are the ones that still make me the Husband, Father, Runner and person that I am today. This movie has touched me so deep. I hope you please find time to watch it as I promise you that it will be well worth the time !!