Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Man has it been crazy

One would think with no running I would have so much extra time on my hands. Well this week sure has not felt that way. It has been CRAZY !!!

Only one more day to get through till my surgery day. I am feeling ready. I would be lying if I said I was not a little un-easy about it all. I have never had surgery so that can be scary. I am looking forward to running like I used too, so that keeps me going. Wish me luck !!

As for my feeling about the Mens Olympic marathon trials. I thought it was heaven and heel as a fan of the sport. On one hand you had a coming of age " I will take on the world " race by Ryan Hall, a great 2nd marathon by Ritz, and a gutty race by Sell to make up out Olympic team. My good friend and teammate Pete Gilman lived the dream we all have wanted by running in the race. It was great to see !! Then it all was a big downer when you hear that Ryan Shay had died. I still feel sick thinking about it. I do not know what to say. I guess life it just not fair at times. We all must live each day and each moment like it is our last.


nwgdc said...'s sad to think of how many times a tragedy is the reason to remember to "carpe diem."

Kel said...

Good luck with your surgery - wishing you a speedy recovery and happy trails again soon!

sr in tx said...

Hope your surgery went well, and I wish you a speedy recovery.