Friday, January 13, 2012

Olympic Marathon Trials Picks

I guess it is that time to make my final picks before I hit the hay and get ready for my very early long run. This is one of the hardest years that I can remember for me to come up with my picks. Well here you go and enjoy. Good luck to all running!!

1.) Dathan Ritzenhein
2.) Ryan Hall
3.) Brett Gotcher
4.) Jason Lehmkuhle
5.) Matt Gabrielson ( call me a MN rube but I cant help it on the last two guys )

1.) Desiree Davila
2.) Shalane Flanagan
3.) Katie McGregor
4.) Amy Hastings
5.) Kara Goucher

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello New Year, What's Up?

Kind of crazy that it is the start of a new year. It seems like not that long ago I was getting in some great long runs and rocking the indoor track in EP to get out of a everyday in the snow. Well this year I am still running the dirt trails. Yes I said dirt trails, and yes it is Jan 5th in Minnesota.

I think I had one of the best closes and starts to a year for me in sometime. On new years eve I met up with Paul and a ton of the guys for a little run down by the Mpls lakes. Some guys where doing a 31 mile run. Paul and I did the 16 mile option as we hoped to run longer the next day on the trails. The run was great and we had lot's of good conversation about the year that was passing and what some of us where looking forward to in 2012. Plus you got to love a run where the turn around in at the Melo Glaze doughnut shop! After the run Paul and I got some coffee then met a few others over at Paul's house for a little Unbreakable movie showing. Little did Paul know that after the movie I was taking him to his surprise 50th birthday party. He had no idea and seemed to love it. Sonya and the kids met me at the party and we ran in the new year.

To roll in 2012 Sonya and I put together a little fun run out at Lebanon Hills on what was a little snow covered trail running. People went between 7.5 to 31 miles. I had a super 21+ mile run. I felt so strong over all but did not want to push it to much. As I sat around and waited for Sonya to finish up I thought about what I was going to do different in the new year. I guess the answer I came to was to keep putting one foot in front of the other and let that love of my sport grow in my heart day by day and mile by mile. Keep challenging yourself people as who know where you might find yourself.

So watch this kid climb. Crazy and free