Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today my legs are feeling better. I know I could go for a run if I wanted, but I also know it is best to wait one more day. I was jogging around a bit chasing Evan at Kyra's soccer game. It was fun to run after him. Man is he fast for a 1 year old ! After the game I went over to the YMCA to do a little hot tub action. I do not know why I due not use this more often ? We have a family membership and I think this is the second time in like 2 years I have used it. Note to my self to work this in more often. I know it would help. Heck maybe I can go the Kara Goucher/ Sonya Decker route and work in some weekly aqua jogging ?

Miles for the day= 0 ( ok maybe half mile of chasing Evan )

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