Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First day of running

Well it is great to be back at it !! I was able to get out for a easy 30 min's with Sonya and Evan. Man I only could have wished it was this kind of weather marathon day. It has been in the 50's every day since TCM !!!! Nice. It felt great to get out there. I am hoping for 40 min's or so tomarrow. Hey all you people out there in web land there is a great 13 page spread in the new Runners World about the upcomming mens Olympic marathon trials. Look for the full page picture of our own Pete Gilman !!!

Miles for the day= 4+


nwgdc said...

i'm officially a running geek--i'm so excited to watch it go down (on the internet, nonetheless)...not sure who to pull for--so many great stories!

WynnMan said...

well done at TCM for both you and your wife Kurt.

kurt decker said...

yea we lived through it. I feel great and am looking foward to getting back at the training. Sonya is running that 50 miler up by Green Bay next weekend !!!