Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend update

So I decided to take Friday off. I figured what the hell, plus I was needing a break from the YMCA. Once the weekend came around it was back on the horse so to speak.

On Saturday I did both the elliptical trainer and the bike. I felt real good today !!! Go figure. I guess if I have more days like this I would be ok with making it a few weeks doing the "club" thing.

Miles for the day= 30 mins on elliptical & 5 miles ,and 25 min's on bike & 8 miles

On Sunday my Mom was able to help us out with Evan so Sonya, the girls and myself went to the pool. The girls where excited to swim big time. I was just happy to know I had Sonya in the water aqua jogging with me. Not the normal great run together but hey better than nothing I guess. I felt ok in the water but more tired that last time. I think this will take awhile. I am going to look into those aqua float boots since my Achilles gets sore this way.

Miles for the day= 45 min's pool running

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