Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leadville trail 100 2009

Where to start ? That is the question I find myself asking as of now. I have so many emotions running thu me as I look back at this race and the last year leading up to this. As many of you know last year I went out to Leadville with big goals and came up short dropping out at mile 70 for my first DNF in 23+ years of running. That DNF haunted me all year long. I let it eat at me and my confidence as a runner. It was not fun being me inside of my head at times.

As 2009 rolled along I knew my buddy Paul was going back as was two good friends Joe Z and Tony K for there first LT100's. I kept saying I was going but deep down I did not want to do it. Well for months I kept going thu the motions of acting like a guy going back to "that" race but knowing I was not going to do it when push came to shove. Then came this little 50 mile training run with Paul and TC Running store owner Adam. In that one run things had changed. I no longer felt like I needed to go back, but I wanted to go back !! This along with lot's of love and support from my wife Sonya ( for the last long year ) I signed up and was on my way.

Fast forward to race week. Me and the family ( minus Summer who could not be with us ) where off to Colorado and I was excited beyond belief. I drove like a madman nonstop to Boulder where we where going to spend our first night. After a good nights sleep we had a great day playing in the foothills of Boulder before we had to pick up cousin Jessica from Portland. From there it was off to Cripple Creek, CO. which sits at 10,000 and is on the backside of Pikes Peak.

The campground was so great !! We just chilled out, ran some trails, drove up to the top of Pikes Peak ( talk about a crazy drive ) and had a super time just hanging with the family. After two nights of that it was off to Leadville and to meet up with Paul and his family.

Once in Leadville it was beyond words. It was great to see Paul and be back in this great town once more. Heck I even got to meet many people I have met via blog land like defending champ Duncan to name a few. I got in a few easy days of running and before I knew it it was race day.

I could not sleep the night before and was up at 1am but the race did not start till 4am. Man this sucked. I listen to my ipod and got ready. Come 3am all the guys were up and we where ready to roll. Walking to the star line I knew it was going to be a good day. We all had different goals but where ready. Joe and Tony wanted 21 hours bad, Paul wanted sub 25 hours and the big buckle and well I wanted to rid myself of this monkey on my back and finish this race.

As the race started I felt good running with Paul and let him know that today he was to let me go if he was feeling it. After 20+ miles that happen. Coming off Sugarloaf I was having some issues and let him go. When I got to Twin Lakes aid station I got all set up and was feeling much better. I hooked up the ipod and was having fun on this hot day. I still had some things going on like a sore right knee as well as many #2 potty stops. But I got to mile 40 at Twin Lakes in good shape and still on my goal pace of 7 hours 40-50 min's.

I left Twin to climb the mighty Hopes Pass. Holly cow that is a long climb. On the way up I was doing my best and got passed by a few of the leaders who where coming back. Things went bad coming down hope and up to the road to Winfield at 50 miles. I wanted to drop so so bad. It was like last year all over.

I picked up my pacer Andy and went back out now more than 1 hour behind Paul. But something happen going up Hope once more as I started to climb pretty good and when I got to the top of the climb I was flying like a bird down the mountain. By the time I got to Twin Lakes once more at mile 60 I had gotten like 30+ min's back on Paul. I picked up Sonya and a pacer and we took off. It was here I made a big mistake but taking off my Drymax socks and put on some compression sock I had only run a little in on. Within 4 miles my feet started to blister bad. By the time I got to 70 miles I had very big blisters killing both feet with each step. I was being forced to walk. Man this sucked but I just kept moving. I was not stopping today !

After the final long climb up the power lines of Sugarloaf I got to the last aid station of MayQueen and I knew I was on the way home. I was falling asleep but kept moving. This was the longest I had ever been out running by many hours. As we got like 2 miles from the finish I knew if I could find a way to run some I could break 28 hours for a small victory. Sonya pushed and pushed me and I could feel myself going. I was moving hard down the final road uphill to the finish. I got in at 27 hours 58 min's. As I stood at the finish I new I did not get the wanted time wise, but got the race I needed mentally wise. This was a big day for me. I slayed my dragon.

I find myself now feeling more excited about running then I have for a long time. I do not know what I will do next but I do know I overcame something big within myself. Thanks to all who helped me get there. I love you all.

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Go Time !!

Now is the time. It is time to fly and sore up an over these beautiful mountains of Leadville, CO. and get what I have so wanted for over a year now. I am feeling ready to complete this.

I have had a great week so far with my family ( minus Summer who could not come ) all around Colorado. We spent a great day in Boulder, then a few days in Cripple Creek at a KOA. That campgound was super great ! We even did the drive up to the top of Pikes Peak which just blew our minds. I will have some pictures to show when I get back home. We rolled into Leadville and met up with Paul's family yesterday. It was great to see my good buddy !!

Yesterday when rolling into town we stoped by the coffe shop Proven Grounds and I ran into the defending champion Duncan and said hi to him. What a nice guy ! After setting the kids up Sonya and I ran out on the course which was super nice. Later that night we had the race pasta feed then it was relax and go to bed time.

This morning we had weight in and now we are going to get in a quick 20 min shake out run then it's off to the race meeting. I am very excited and ready to go. We have a great TC Running group out here running so it will be fun. Wish us luck !!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Mt. Running Blog/Video

So there is is runner named Joe Gray from out west. He is one of the best U.S. mountain runners out there. I cam across this post by him on his team Inov8 bog page. At the end is a nice video he has put together. Check it out..........

Europe here I come

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P.S. Man just when I think I have done my last blog post before I leave I keep coming up with something.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Before I forget

Man oh man I almost forgot to tell everyone to keep a eye on the World Track and Field Championships going on this week. They start Saturday I think ? and go till the 23rd. They will be on the VS. network and NBC. You get get the t.v. schedule at and there is lot's of good info on as well. My good buddy Matt who is in the marathon on Aug 22nd is updating his blog from Berlin as we speak.

Lastly there is some good video's Runners World online did on all the Wisconsin runners. They are very good. Go to

Monday, August 10, 2009

Time to start packing !!

It's that time everybody, time to start getting the back packed and ready to go. I would hate to wait till the last min and forget something way back in Minnesota ! It's hard to belive I am about to go back to what I call the "sceane of the crime" for me. The way the race ended last year really messed me up mentaly last year. I do feel much better now about it and am ready to take it on. After running with Paul this morning I think he is very ready as well. We will have fun !!

This last week of running was ok, but not great. I felt good for the most part running, I just got in a few less miles that I hoped. Oh well I will live. Ran two great hill sessions which made me feel good. Plus hell it was my super great wife Sonya's b-day this last Saturday as well !! We had a good time going out on Friday night and hell had a night with no kids at home for the first time in 3 years !! Well happy running to everyone and I will look foward to telling you all about the race when I get back. I will try to do some twitter posts in the mean time. Take care and happy running.

This is a video of Anton Krupicka who I would say many belive is the favorite for the win but I think a few guys like defending champ Duncan Callahan and his buddy Tim Parr will be in the mix as well.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Across the new divide

Oh good God it is just 3 weeks till race day. Man in many ways I am super jacked about this but on the other hand I would be lying if I said I was not just a bit nervous. I guess that is good, I have aways thought being nervous was a good sign meaning you are taking it serious. Last week was kind of a mix bag for me. I mostly had good runs during the week where I felt strong. My Tuesday night run with Jason Minnick was very good as well as the Friday early a.m. run with the guys out at the Hyland trails. My weekend kind of sucked but I did not fret to much as I like to say "the hay is in the barn" at this point.

One way to end off the week was a great Leadville get together hosted by Paul and his family. We had Joe, Tony, George ( Joe's pacer ) and myself as well as our families over for a great diner and met and greet. We also where joined by Adam and Kelly Lindahl owners of the TC Running Company. It is shaping up to be a great trip with lot's of TCRC shirts everywhere !!!

So this is my theme song for this years race. Enjoy