Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's good to have friends

Tonight I got in my first run with people, yea !!! After taking Monday off from running I was looking forward to running with Nick and Sonya. We set it up the day before so I had all day to get excited. What I did not think was going to happen was us getting another 5 inches of snow. Now this made for some mess running at times.

Nick ran from his house up to the store then we ran down to Lake Harriet to meet up with Sonya. The sidewalks we pretty good for the most part, and once we got to the lake it was very good footing. I forgot how much I like running down there.

I felt pretty good overall. At the start I was a bit sorer than I expected but I am sure the deep uneven snow did not help matters. After 10-15 min's I was loose and ready. We did a nice loop around the lake picking up Sonya along the way then back to the store. I was nice to run in the snow. Much better than driving that is for sure.

I had forgotten how great it is to run with people. It was something I missed so much during the lay off. I am very lucky to have such great friends/ wife to run with. I will never take that for granted.

All in all I believe it was like a 5 mile run, which is my longest yet !! Lookout I am back people.

Miles for the day= 5

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