Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend of 12/29- 12/30

I was pretty happy with my weekend. After having a crappy midweek I felt like I came on strong.

On Saturday I got out after work. I was hoping to go in the morning but Sonya and I both needed to sleep in some so we both got a tad more sleep then I let her go for the morning run. I will have to say I was proud of myself. Getting out at night has been a problem for me as of late but I hauled my but out there and had a great 42 min run by the lakes. The footing was pretty good as well. My Puma Trailfox shoes have been great in the snow. I think I have run almost every run in them the last 2 weeks or so. My ipod has been very big in helping me nock out these runs !! I think distance wise I was like 5+ miles or so.

Sunday I got up early to meet Nick for a run. I was looking to ramp it up to a 2 hour day. I left my house at 7am and ran to Nick's which was like 30 min's. From there we did a great loop in part of Theo Wirth and then back to the lakes where Nick and I split off from each other and I went home. I was pretty happy with how I felt other than the last 10 blocks where I felt like I was going to blow from having to go to the bathroom. I did find out that I need to not use my waist water pack and go to my Nathan hydration vest. I think the other water pack puts to much pressure on my mid-section where I had my hernia surgery. I ended up with 2h hours and 12 min's for what I am guessing is like 18 miles or so ?

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