Saturday, June 30, 2007

After sleeping in some today Sonya, Evan and I ran a lakes loop. We could tell that we where getting out a bit later than normal because the lakes had so many people down at them. All in all the sleep was much needed and felt good. Plus the extra people is not such a bad thing. Evan like to see all the people. Something we like about bringing the jogger besides having Evan with us is the extra places we have to put things like water bottles and such. We had a bottle with us which was good since it was a tad warm. We had a good run !! We got in like 13 miles or so. A nice start to the weekend.

Hanging with Sondra

Today Evan, Krya and I had the pleasure of having lunch with my old boss and great friend Sondra. It is so great to spend time with her. I miss my days working for her at the Edge !!!

After Sonya got off work we took Evan for a good run on the parkway. We got in like 10 miles. Evan is such a joy on so many fronts. Running with him is great ! I felt pretty good today. I was better with the water drinking. Still need to stretch better.

Later in the night we went over to the Chris Lundo's house for a little get together. It was fun to sit and talk with all the people. It is nice to have such friends.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Evan and I ran this afternoon. The weather outside was super great !!! To bad I felt so bad that all we got was like 5 miles. I just felt so tired. I am sure my lack of water all day did not help my cause. On the bight side I did have a nice afternoon with Evan. The girls where off with the church group to stuff boxes for Feed my Starving Children. They have done this a few times and love it.

Title's ?

So what is in a title ? One of the worst things about do the blog is coming up with a title each time. After a while you just feel like you have used everything possible. Maybe it is just that I am not that creative huh ? SO for now on I will not use a title unless I feel real moved by something.

I got out today after work with Sonya. We ran for Gear to save on time. I needed to get to my parents to pick up Summer and Evan and she was getting a massage after the run !! Perfect post marathon activity for her. We did a nice run around Calhoon and Isles then through the neighborhoods back to the store. I was a bit tired and stiff at times but not super bad. I MUST be better about stretching everyday. I truly believe that will be the key to feeling good pre TCM this fall. We ended up with a solid 10 miles for the day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tool Tuesday

Today is the Tool show !!! My little brother Kevin's law firm Briggs and Morgan have a box at the Xcel center. Sometimes he is able to get tickets to shows for us. Being that Tool is a hard rock band let's just say getting tickets is much easier that say for the Police ? I have long liked Tool but have never seen them live. I was not let down. The show was super great !! Thanks Kevin.

As for the run for the day I just got a short 6 miles in. Man was it hot out today once more. Figured 6 miles is better than nothing. Overall I felt good just hot. I need to race soon just to get the feet wet once more.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Playing with my mind ?

So today when I went out for my run I was feeling so so stiff. This has been a very common feeling as of late. As I get older I know that this is a most important thing to take care of but I also know I have been very bad about doing it. If I am to get training better for TCM this fall I need to focus in on this much more. To make things even worse It has been kind of hot as of so I have been felling real slow !! After my long run yesterday and the fact that I felt like I ran a marathon I went just a easy 5 miles. I ran on the parkway which was nice. I feel living on the TCM course will be good as I try to play mind games with myself on the course while I train. You know get my head to the point where I feel like I can close my eyes and run strong come race day. All in all it was not a bad run. I will take it.

** Nice picture of Sonya running Grandma's marathon 2007. She is one tuff cookie.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good run

I met up with Steve and Paul down at the MN river bottoms for the big Sunday long run. We started at 6:30am so we could miss the heavy day time heat. The trail was in great shape, the bugs where not bad, and the temp was ok. With all that we got out a little harder than I thought we would but I was just driving the pace. We went out like 9 miles then looped back. I was a bit tired from the pace I set comming back and felt like I was slowing down but we ended up like comming back 3 min's faster !!! Maybe I am not in that bad of shape after all. I was nice to run with those guys down there. I love the trails.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Feeling hot, hot , hot

After Summer's soccer games today I went up to Steve Hibbs house for a run. We both needed to get in 10 miles so we did a loop from his house down to the Coon Rapids Dam park and back. We thought this would be a good loop because of all the water pumps along the way. With the heat we needed that water. I felt so slow in the heat. All in all it was good though to get it in with Steve.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I do not know what to say other than I am a dumb ass.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not so bad

I got out tonight with Sonya and Evan for a run. The weather was pretty nice overall. The bugs are always bad by the lakes at night this time of year so we decided to run on the parkway. This was Sonya's second day in a row running since Grandma's. She was moving pretty good tonight. I felt real stiff at first but got much better as the run went on. I am guessing tonight was like 8 miles or so.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another day lost

I knew I should have gone out in the early morning hours for my run. Sometimes I feel like I will never learn. When I wait to long I just do not get it done. Days like this will not make TCM feel any better.

Up the creek

Ran after work today with Sorenson. We met up at the bandshell and ran along the creek trails and back to the bandshell. It was a nice run. I did not feel good at first but after about 20 min's I started to feel alot better. By the end of the run I was feeling real good !! I belive all in all it was like 9+ miles. I am looking foward to starting some speed sessions next week.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Back on the horse

After my Grandma's weekend I got out this morning pretty for a run. I ran from home and ended up at the store so I could pick up my car. Man was it nice weather wise. To bad it was not like this up at the race !! I kept it easy and short. I got in a solid 4 miles and felt real good. I hope to run longer tomarrow with Greg Sorenson.

* Some of these pictures are from my Hawaii trip. With the warm weather it makes me remember this time. But I do like Robertson asking if that surfer was me on Lake Calhoon

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The week that was

So this was a bad bad week for Kurt the blogger. Between having some family come into town, having to go to Duluth to work the Grandma's marathon expo and everything else that went crazy I did not get to blog once !!!

In a nutshell my miles where way down. It was not all by design. I think all in all I got in like 40-45 miles or so. Got in a few runs in Duluth which was nice. Chester park has great trails. Watched Sonya and many friends run the marathon. It was a tuff day for many people. It was very hot !!! Sonya ran great up till 21 then the heat got to her and she slowed some. She ended up like 3:05. I know she was not happy but I am proud of her.

This week I plan to be much much better. Sorry everyone.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flys on the way

Ran early this morning I ran with Paul down on the MN river bottoms. It was a nice morning for the run. It was going to get warm so we started at 6:30 am to beat the heat. Much to our suprize the deer flys are making early sitting. They are not super bad but still a bother. We kept up a good pace on the run today which felt good. I belive we got in like 18 miles today. Once more I had a great week. I am very happy to be going the way I am. I am looking foward to racing soon !!

FYI: The Pre classic meet is on t.v. today at 3pm on channel 11

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Long live the Easy Doest It 5 miler

Today would have been the Easy does it 5 miler. Last year was the 30th and last running of the race. I have run that race every year since 1988. So in honor of it Myself, Sonya and Steve who has also run it all those years met up and ran the course. It was fun and makes me see what a great course and race it was all those years. After that Sonya and I ran a extra 5 miles so we had a even 10 miles. We both felt OK till the end then dragged our butt's the last mile or so. Man where we thirsty.

In the boys mile the top 4 runner where all between 4:09 and 4:10 !!!! I love running. That's kids for help make my weekend.

This picture is of Summer running the kids race at Easy Does it 2006

Bright and Early

Met Nick at 6am this morning at the lake Harriet band shell. We got in one more run before he and Cindy took off for there 3 weeks in Turkey. Have fun guys !!! I felt pretty darn good this morning all thing considering. It is sometimes hard to come back and run so close to each other. We ended up getting 10 miles in. Not a bad day all in all.

On a side note did you all see the results for the State 2 mile. Nice race. Lot's of fast kids out there. It is great to see !!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Did someone say workout ?

Tonight was going to be a tempo run. But with the crazy winds and heck me just not feeling super zippy It turned into a half up-tempo run and a just just it in day for me. I was not feeling all that great, plus I had the shits for some reason early on. I wound up with like 10+ miles and a ave of 6:30 pace. So not to bad but not what I was thinking I guess. Better luck next time.

P.S. the NCAA D1 10k is tonight !!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting Better

Today I ran after work from with Nick from his house. I was thinking I was going to run by myself until a last minute call from Nick. What a nice surprise !! We did a new loop for us where we cut down France Ave to the bike path that leads us to the Cedar Lake trails. From there we also did part of the Brownie pond loop and then back to Nick's through the neighborhood streets. Along the way we ran into our friend Jackie Jensen. We knew he lived in the area but just not exactly where. Now we know I guess. Heck he is just like 1/2 mile from Nick's place. They should run more often, it would be good for them both. During the run I felt very good. I felt in control and like I could pick up the pace it will if I wanted to. What a good feeling !! Nick and I are looking to run one more time before they go to Turkey for the next 3 weeks. I guess it is one last trip before Cindy has the baby. It was a nice run and I am very glad Nick called me up. In the end it was like 9 miles. I LOVE running with my friends.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More blood work

Today I went in for more blood work to see if my potassium levels are still out of wake. I told the doctor that I am feeling better but still not 100%. With any luck this will help me see if there is something more to do. That being said I knew I would not feel super fresh on my run today so I thought I would take it easy and see how it goes. I ran with Sonya and Evan after work. We did the parkway up toward Lake Nakomis loop. I ended up adding like 2 more miles after we got Sonya and Evan back. Sonya is in the begging of her marathon taper. Only a few more weeks till Grandma's for her !!. She is feeling pretty good so far, a bit tired at times. I did feel ok all in all but decided to keep it to 7 miles tonight. Not bad but I will be looking for 10 miles tomorrow. I would like to keep this ball a rolling after last week.

MN state meet AA 2 mile

This coming Friday day one of the MN state track meet will be held at Hamline university. The only final event of the day is the first event the AA 3200. As one of the biggest running rubes around I have been looking forward to this day. I believe the 3200 will be one of the most awesome events to see. There is so much fire power in that race. Something here in MN we have never seen before. I believe it is very possible that there could be maybe up to 3 runners that could break 9 min's in the same race. I believe that there are something like 6 or 7 boys in the race that have run like 9:12 or better this season. Back in the day a 9:12 would win you state more than likely. But this year that time could get you like maybe 5 or 6th place ? Good luck to all running and thanks for making this a fun event to look forward to.

P.S. I am going to that 1.) Elliot Heath 2.) Rob Finnerty 3.) Hassan Mead

Monday, June 4, 2007

Feeling it ?

After the last week I thought I would be feeling it pretty good today. Well not to say I was feeling super sharp but I did not feel that bad either. I could tell my body had had a good week of miles behind it today. I think pushing the jogger with Evan just makes everything move up a notch as well. That being said I love my time with my little boy very much. I remember how much fun all those years pushing Summer was back in the day and feel so lucky to have the chance to do it once more with Evan. I am a luck man !! I took it a bit easy and cut it to a 6 mile run today. I look to get back to the 10 mile day tomorrow.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Muddy shoes

Ran today on the MN river bottoms with Nick and Paul and Sunshine the dog. She is a great running dog !! The trails were pretty muddy in places but not to bad overall. I felt a bit tired at first but much much better later in the run. This was a big week for me so I knew I might be a little tired. I think when I added it all up I ended up with like 80 miles !!! If I can just keep up this up I think I will be ok. It sure feels good to be feeling better as of late.

Fans 24 hour day

Today is the running of Fans 24 hour footrace. After doing the race the past two years it felt funny not to be out there at the starting line. I do believe it is by far the best for me to be doing this training for TCM. Change of pace is a good thing. After work today I ran from home down to the lake to take in the race. One of our friends is doing her first ultra run. Go figure picking a 24 hour for your first ? While down there I ran/ walked like 10 miles with her. It was fun to see her and all my other friends from the race. During my run I felt very good. My total for the day is like 10 miles of running I figure I should not count the walking huh.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Friday fun

Today was day two of the Kurt and Evan show. For summer time I will be taking off work on Thursday and Fridays to be with the kids. Since Kyra and Summer are still in school it has been just Evan and I. Today we went up to Summers school and had lunch with her and the rest of her class. Boy oh boy does Evan like seeing all the school kids. After a good luch Evan and I went home to get some stuff done. After a few hours of house work we went for our run down by the lakes. I felt slugish at first like the past few days and better as the run went on. Evan slept for the most part. I ended up with a solid 9+ miles. It feels so good to feel like I am making some progress !!!