Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall 50 mile

This past weekend Sonya and I where lucky to have the whole weekend to ourselves and headed up to Door County Wisconsin for a fun 5 year anniversary weekend and to do the Fall 50 mile road race. Now to most having 3 days without the kids is no big deal, but considering we had not had more than 1 night without the kids in over 4 years this was big. Thanks Mom Decker !!!!

We headed up early Friday morning so we could get out to our cabin in the afternoon. The drive was great as it was sunny and we got to talk non stop with each other for 6 hours straight; wow how cool. We rented a cabin in Bailey Harbor which is like 25 min's up from Sturgeon Bay where the race finish and headquarters was. The cabin was great with everything we could want or need. Hell I would love to come back and just hang out some long weekend. Well as fun as it was to sit we needed to get to work and get all our drop boxes together for the race as we did not have a crew and would need to have anything we would need all ready and waiting for us before hand. This is different for us as we always have a crew. Hell I think in races that I do more people know who my crew is as there are many of them and they are great. This weekend I traded there help with the race for a weekend alone with Sonya. After getting the drop boxes done we went into town to drop them off and get some diner. I was looking forward to a great big steak!!!

After a good nights sleep it was go time. Alarm went off at 4am and I was up and ready to go. Even though I did not really train for this I was excited and felt like it would be a great test for me. Where as Sonya had trained super hard and was ready to roll. I was very excited for her as I knew if she took care of herself she would do great.

We where greeted at the start with super weather and temps in the low 40's. We knew it was going to rain at some point in the day, we just hoped it was later in the race. After saying hi to our go friend John Storkamp and wishing him good luck we took our places at the line. Boom we where off.

Sonya and I settled into a good pace between 7:55 and 8:05 miles. The goal was to run 8-8:15 miles as long as we could. I knew for me I should be ok till 20ish or so at this pace then I might need to crack down and really work the mental side of things. It was so much fun running with Sonya. We kept a good pace, talked a little and got to see such a beautiful area together as we made our way down the peninsula starting from Gills Rock. As the miles rolled by I was happy with how easy Sonya looked and how I felt overall. Maybe this was going to be our day?

As we rolled past the marathon split in 3:32 I knew I was over half way done. I was feeling like my lack of serious training was starting to show a bit but I kept at it. It started to rain a bit at 28 miles and it was at that point I told Sonya to keep it rolling as I was going to go to the bathroom and just take a little extra care of myself. The last I saw of her in the distance was at mile 30 and it was raining hard, and would continue that way the rest of the race. I just hoped she would remember to take her rain coat at the mile 35 aid station. I knew I was looking forward to mine that was for sure.

Mile by mile went by and while I was a bit sore I kept running as much as I could and kept a good pace. I would take each mile and do a 1 min walk then run like 7:40ish pace for a few min's then take a 1 min walk and repeat that over and over. Once I got to 40 miles I knew I only had signal digits for miles left and that made me real happy. I fought thou the negative thoughts and was coming out the other side. With 2 miles left I just felt myself getting faster. The end was near, I was going to run a solid time, and Sonya was still ahead so I knew she ran a great race. As I crossed the finish line I pumped my fist two times. Once for me and once for my wife as I knew she had won the race and I was so proud of her. Our times at the end was Sonya 7:14 and myself 7:24 for 50 miles.

The next day after a great time looking around and such I was driving back home to our family and found myself looking back on the race weekend. It was great to have some time to just us, we both saw that we could do well, I saw that given some solid training I am not to far off where I used to be some years ago and we saw that we missed and loved our family.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow what a Fall to love running

Day by day, week by week it seems like everyday this Fall season has been great running weather. It has been such a joy to be able to hit the trails with the guys and get is some jogger runs with Evan and Sonya. Making it even better is the fact that I have been feeling pretty good as well. There is not a bunch to report on but thought I would just check in. I am hoping to do a few gear reviews and such.

This weekend Sonya and I will be going up to Door county for the Fall 50 mile road race. I am so excited to get in the care and hit the road. I have no idea what to shoot for as I really did not do a build up for this one. I am just looking to enjoy the race and the special time I will get to have with just me and my wife for 3 whole days!! This is the start to the as my friend Tony says the "new" Kurt days of not just hoping but doing time. I think he his right. I far to much when talking about myself say I hope I can do.... It needs to be I am doing...... Let the good times roll.

Here is a fun video from the North Face Canadian Death Race. Looks fun huh.

Lastly just wanted to say R.I.P Eyedea...........Mpls has lost a good onee

Monday, October 4, 2010

TCM and past few weeks in Review

Wow it's been a little while since I posted. So who was out at the Twin Cities marathon this last weekend? It was another year of fun, fun, fun. This is a special weekend for me as I get to see so many of my running friends all in one place over 3 days. Now working the expo is hard on the body and all but it is so worth it. After a great day on Friday I was excited for Saturday and the kids races. All my kids have always done these and little Evan LOVES it so much; he has done it every year and counting. He asked me if I would hang up a picture of him at the store if he ran well and of course I said sure. This is what I am thinking of, what do you think?

Sunday Evan and I got up early and took mom to the start of the 10 miler then when out on the course to start our long day of cheering people on. Sonya ran great to finish 7th and top masters runner. Her time of 1:03 40ish was one of her best on that course so she was very happy.

After Sonya's race we went up to the TC Running RV party at mile 24. Man was that fun. This year Adam added a music and microphone element to the scene. I think everyone running thought it was great. It makes me excited to be apart of the TCRC family on days like this. The combo of the party and seeing all the TCRC runners in there uni's go by litterly brings me to tears. Thanks People!!

On the running front my growing seems to be getting better week by week. So much so I signed up for the Door County Fall 50 mile. This will be a get the run done so I can put in for Western States 100. I got in a solid 25 miler 3 weeks ago which gave me the green light. It will also be a fun time to have Sonya to myself for 3 days!! First time in 4 years we will have more than 1 night without the kids. Plus on Sunday it is Vikings vs. Packers in Green Bay, Go Vikes.

Not sure what the next few weeks will bring but looking forward to getting out with friends and enjoy this great fall weather.