Thursday, May 31, 2007

Down the creek

I met up with Nick Graham tonight for my run. We did our normal meeting the the Lake Harriet band shell and go from there. I asked Nick where did he want to go ? He said follow me. We ended up running part way around the lake and hooking up with some trails that run along the Minnehaha creek. I have not run these in some time. I was so happy we where going this way because those trails are so nice. Running on dirt along water is very relaxing for me. It was good to run with Nick, it had been awhile. Nick is on the comeback trail He is hoping to run the Voyageur marathon this year and would like me to join him. I do love this race but do not know if it will work out good in my TCM training. I will have to wait and see on this one. Like yesterday I was stiff at first but felt pretty good after 30 min's or so. In the end I got in a solid 10 miles for the day. So far it has been a great week. Keep it up Kurt.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Starting slow

I ran after work today. I did one of my favorites run the Cedar/ Theo Wirth trails loop. I felt pretty tight at first so I started real slow. I need to do this slow start more often. I think many times I just jump into it full steam ahead and I am guessing that is not as good for my body. As I made my way on the trail I was hoping to miss a big rain storm. It was dark out with the black clouds but in a strange way I liked it. The hills in Wirth where very tuff today. I kept telling myself that this will make me tuff as nails come TCM in October !!! As the run got longer i was feeling better. I also ran into Ryan K. on the way back to the car. I am glad I was able to show him these trails and he like running them. Well all in all it was a good day and I am guessing it was like a 9 mile day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A bit Steamy

Today I got out in the AM for a run with Sonya and Evan. It was much more humid today that the past few days. Thanks god the race was yesterday. I was sweating like crazy only 10 min's into the run. There was a good breeze off the lake at times which felt good. My leg's where a bit stiff today but not super bad. I truly feel like I am turning a corner. All in all I think it was like a 9+ mile run. I also made my apointment to get more bllod work done to make sure things are getting better inside. I have been trying to be much better with the water drinking. I am thinking of maybe jumping into Grand old Day 8k this weekend if I am feeling good and the weather looks pretty good since I did not get to race last weekend. Just a idea.

Todays picture is of Summer doing her best Mia Hamm

Monday, May 28, 2007

Brian Kraft 5k

Today was a great day for the 10th running of the Brian Kraft 5k. This race is the USATF-MN 5k road championships every year so it brings out good times. This year the race had pretty good weather. I belive at race time temp's where in the low 60's which was much better than last year's mid 90's temp. Sonya was running the race today and not me. I had hoped to run but we just did not have anyone to watch Evan so It was jogger time for us boys. Sonya ran super well. Her time was like 18:14 which is super good for her. Not a PR but a good time nun the less. Things are looking good for Grandma's marathon for her. She needed to get in 20 miles total for the day, so after Evan and I ran some with Steve and Charlie Hibbs during the race and a bit after we jumped in with Sonya. I felt very good. All in all I think I got in like a 13 or 14 mile day. Keep em comming.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday fun

Got out today !!! It was a super nice day to run this morning. After sleeping in with Sonya and Evan some we went out for a family run by the lakes. Sonya is racing tomorrow at Brian Kraft 5k so it was just a short 5 miles with strides for her. After running her 5 miles I went out for a few more for myself. I felt pretty good so I ended up added a few more miles and ended up at like 13 for the day. I will take it.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What happen ?

So as you can see I have not posted anything for a few days now. Well let's just say I hit a bump in the road the last few days. Between still feeling like I am coughing up a lung and a bunch of other stresses I decided to take a few days off. I am looking to start up tomorrow once more. Even with the few days off I feel like I am going in the correct direction.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kind of workout

So today I needed to do a workout. I am new in this current training plan so the call was something to get my feet wet so to speek. That being I said went down to the lakes where I figured to paths would be wide open since there was bad rainy weather. Well I was correct the weather had chased to people away. I felt ok during the warm up but when I started I was not feeling very smooth. After 2.5 miles I desided to call it quits. I was just feeling like I had to dig to deep to keep up the pace. I jogged back to and called it a day. All in all not a super bad day but not great either. I think it ended up being like 7 miles for the day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kurt's views

Today two good friends Matty G and Jacob Hallen stoped by the store to say hi. I love seeing friends like this. Man life is all about family and friends. I am blessed to have alot of both. I guess both of those guys read the Dances blog !!! Thanks guys. So now many people who know me well know that I like to talk about things and have many opinions on stuff. So to brighten up this blog I am going to try a few times a week pick something that is news going on and give you all my view on it. Let's see this might be alot of fun.

Jogger mania

So for the 4th day in a row I push Evan in the jogger. This little guy is a good partner. Speaking of pratners Sonya also ran with us. We ran the other way on the parkway up around and back to Lake Nakomis. I belive it was like 10 miles with the little add on's. I felt pretty good once more. It was pretty windy out. With the jogger the wind can be hell. While running Sonya and I talked about her marathon plan for Grandma's marathon. I know she is in good shape. If she gets a good day and it is not to hot I belive she can run real well. I guess we will see in a few weeks.

Monday, Monday

So today I ran after work with Sonya and Evan. I thought about running the trail by myself but I thought some company would be good. Plus heck all this pushing Evan is making me extra tuff !! Thanks Evan. Speaking of Evan that little boy is putting in some big time in the jogger. I am thinking of starting a little traininglog for him. As for the run we ended up running 10 miles from the house down and around the lakes. Man the lakes where packed at the start of the run. Man what a 80+ degree day can do huh. I felt pretty good. I think it is starting to come around !!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday fun

Sonya, Evan and I met up with our buddy Paul and his dog Sunshine for a nice run on the Luce Line trail. This is such a nice place to run with Evan because it is all soft gravel over a old railroad bed. It allows us to run on something soft and still have Evan with us. It was a cooler morning this normal. Like only 42 or so out. So we had a little extra clothing for Evan to stay warm. At the start of the run I felt dissy and crappy. I took a Hammer gel and pounded so Nuun drink. After about 10-15 mins I started to feel much better. Thank God !!! All in all I felt pretty good for the run. We ended up with 16 miles for the day and a new PR for Evan for longest run. What a good boy he is. Just loves being with mom and dad, and we love having him with us also !!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Feeling good

Ran today with the Gear group from the store. I started the day thinking a good 7 or 8 mile day would be good but in the end I got 13 miles for the day !!! Sonya and I took turns pushing Evan which always helps. It is so much fun having Evan with us on the runs. We did the all 3 lakes loop with the out and back from the store. It was a nice morning for a run, sunny and not to warm when we started. It is funny to see how the nice weather just brings the people out in mass to the lakes. If I can keep this up I think I might be going in the correct direction !!

Friday, May 18, 2007

6 AM

I got out early today with Nick. We try to run sometimes since we live so close. As of late we have had a hard time hooking up so it was nice to meet him. We always meet at the Harriet bandshell. Since I have to get the kids up and ready for school at 7am I knew we would have to go early. When the alarm went off at 5:30am man was I mad. But after getting going I was very happy to run with Nick. Nick and his wife Cindy are expecting their 1st baby later this summer. Nick is still in denial over it all so I try to tell him it will be great. I am not sure if he is buying it yet ? Well anyway it was a nice 8+ miles I got in. I was pretty tired at the end of the run but happy to have done it. I should do that more.

What to do ?

When running with Steve Hibbs tonight we got talking about the upcomming Twin Cities Marathon and what I might be hoping for with a finish time. You know that is a good question. I guess I would put like 3 levals for time goals. i tend to do that with most races. So that being said I would say leval 1) sub 2:48, leval 2) low 2:40's, leval 3) sub 2:40 would be pie in the sky !!! I have run 2:40:40 and 2:40:41 plus a few 2:42's in the past. I guess I feel like I am not asking for everything, but also know it will be alot of work between now and Oct.

As for my run with Steve it went pretty good. I felt stiff the first few miles but then it got way better. I think we where a solid 7 miles. My breathing seemed better but still not great. Heck 3 days in a row !!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Running with 1 lung

So today when I went running on the Cedar trail up and around Theo Wirth I felt like I had just one lung. Getting over this cold/god knows what has been tuff. I feel like everyday I spit up tons of crap. But heck running always helps get it out faster so off I went. I felt pretty good today all thing considering. The Big hills in Wirth help keep it slow which was good. I belive all in all I got in like 8 miles. The temps have been good so that has made running good. My hope is to be over this sickness by the weekend.

By the way I am loving the new Wilco and Linkin Park cd's that came out this tuesday. Check them out people !!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Feeling a bit better

Today I ran in the morning with Sonya and Evan down to and around Lake Nakomis. That is like a 8 mile run from our house. It was a nice morning to run. Nice and cool !! I felt pretty for the most part. Not like I wanted to race and all, but better. It is funny running down by Nakomis this time of the year because I feel like I should be getting ready the Fans 24 hour run. I have done that the past two years but not this year. It is a great event and I would love to do it sometime in the future once more. If you have some extra time go down there the 1st weeknd in June and check it out.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sick day

Today is a sick day. I feel like crud and need some time off I guess. I realy want to get out there but I know better.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day !!

Happy mothers day to all the mom's out there. Enjoy this day for yourself !! As a father I know how special it feels to have kids. I am very lucky to have my mom and my beautiful wife in my life. I tell Evan everyday what a great mom he has.

Today was a day off for me. So after the race yesterday I got my mail with the lab report from my blood work in it. I guess my electorlytes leval are a bit off. Then to add to it I belive I am full out sick. It started before the race on Wednesday and seems to got worse each day with I think the race setting it off the edge. Man I can not get a break !!

New Prague

Today was the New Prague 1/2 marathon. It was a super nice day for a race temp wise. Maybe low 50's ? Pretty nice. There was a pretty desent wind ou there as well. Then aging it is always a bit windy in New Prague. I guess when there are no tree anywhere and miles after miles of farm land that can happen. This was Sonya and mine first time running on the new and I would say tuffer course.

Boom the gun goes off. As we leave the start I know that the way things have been going I will be of no help to the team and my chances of running well are pretty slim. I deside I will do my best to Help set a good pace and help with any wind for Sonya and any of the other Gear gals who where around us. Now Sonya hates sitting behind anyone because she does not feel that is being "tuff". I always point out that not one of the other gals by us is going out in front of anyone, so go with it. We where running a good 6:27 pace mile after mile. I was ok but not super great. Sonya seemed to be running smooth. I kept telling her remember Grandma's marathon is the prize and we do not want to overdue it before then. She was smart ! So as the miles went by I knew I would not be able to keep up the pace and let her go. So after 11 miles I droped off a bit and watched as she ran super strong to the finsh. She was like 1:23:58 chip time which is in her top 5 all time I belive. I ran a PW or better known as personal worst in 1:24:30 ish. I do not know what is wrong ??

Friday, May 11, 2007

Getting out in the AM

So I know that I will be better off getting in the habbit of running in the morning. Man that is not easy !! Today since I did not have to drive Summer up to Zimmerman for school I had a bit more time on my hands. So after Sonya and Evan left to take Kyra to school I headed out for a short run. Even though I have felt like crap the last few days I new that had take it easy no matter what with the race tommarow. Plus I still feel like my body is fighting something off. So as I went out I felt pretty good. After a few miles I took my shirt off to feel the crip morning air. It felt good. I was glad I got out. I just need to get better at this. With Sonya's help I know I can do it. All in all it was a good run. Just like 5 miles but I will take it.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Man if this is what I have to look foward to I am going to suck. So when I went out for my run after work it was like 83' outside. I felt it big time !! I was sweeting like crazy after 8 min's of running. I just felt real slow as the run went on. It is very frustrating that is for sure. I feel like I am drinking lot's of water and such. Sleep has been better as of late. Sonya has been helping me get to bead earlier than normal. I guess it is just a bad day ? Well it for sure does not give me alot of confidence going into the half marathon this weekend. I guess it could be I am getting sick. After my run I could just feel my throat getting sore. Let's hope not. Well all in all it was a whopping 5 miles for the day !!!

On a side note Summer had her year end day for Brownies and is now a Girl Scout !!! Good for her I know she was proud.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Now this is not the type of bookends I was hoping to have. After feeling like crap Monday, then great on Tuesday, I felt like crap today once more. I think part of it was the fact I tried to run up in Zimmerman before Summer's soccer. Man there was no wear to run and I just felt out of place. So after a whopping 2+ miles. Yes I said 2+ miles. I decided to quit. Like always I felt bad about it later but I felt like a fish out of water up there and had a bad attitude about it going in. I should know better.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Super workout

After many hours of drinking water like camel, go figure I felt good on my run ! I went out with Sonya and Evan in the jogger. It was a nice morning for a workout. We headed down to the lakes for a 10 mile run with 13x 1 min hard/ 1 min easy mixed in. I decided I would push Evan for all of them. Sonya would help and push him on the rest ones. All in all it went real well. Sonya looked great flying along and I felt pretty good also. It is tuff pushing him like that but makes for one hell of a workout ! I did alot of running with Summer when she was young and I ran tied my marathon PR of 2:40 at the 1999 Chicago marathon. Maybe Evan will bring me the same luck.

Look at Evan and Kevin, showing him the ropes I guess

Did someone say water ?

As many of you know I have been feeling like crap on and off for a long time now. I think we may have discovered one of my problems. The LACK of water in me ! I have always know that you need to drink alot to stay hydrated and all. Some days I am good with this and others not good at all. Take yesterday for example. I come to work at 10am work till 4:30 and then go for a run. I went for my normal trail run around Cedar Lake and up to Theo Wirth. I only made it like 5 miles. By the way I was moving you would have thought I was running up at 10,000 feet or something.
So I thought about it and it came to me that I did not have a sip of water or for that matter much of anything all day up to that point and go figure I feel like total shit on my run. I do know better but I am not suprized by how I felt running. I have been reading up alot os of late on stuff while getting my TCM plan togeather and this is stressed alot. I have sucked at that for sometime now. I do not know why because I used to be great at drinking all the time but for whatever reason I have been bad about it for over a year now. We will see if this is part of my problem but I am sure it will not hurt to get more water in me.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Man was it windy !

So when Sonya,Evan and I went running today we went to the Luce Line trail. This is a old railroad bed that is now crushed gravel. It is very great to run on. Plus if you want to do a workout the miles markers are every .1 of a mile. We got a later start today after sleeping in more than Evan had a blowout in his diaper. The run on a whole was nice. It was super windy out which made pushing the baby jogger a bunch of work at time. Because of that and the fact that my right knee was a big sore at the end we cut it short at 8 miles. I am sure the fact that I was running like 10+ mile a day the last few days and a harder pace did not help the cause.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The gang

So every Saturday morning a bunch of people from the Gear running team meet at the store for a good longer run. Being that the store is so close to the Mpls chain of lakes it makes for a good run. I have not done many of these but when I have it has been fun. This morning Sonya and I thought we would take Evan in the jogger and join the group. There was a group of like 6 of us this morning. It was nice like 58' out. A tad windy in areas but not bad. After yesterday I was happy to feel so good ! I ran pushing Evan for like 45 min's of the run then had to cut off and hammer home to get a shower in before work. I ended up with 1hr 15min's so I am guessing a solid 10+ miles for the day. Hope to meet Paul on the trails tommarow.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Man that felt good

So after signing up today for the Twin Cities marathon I desided to keep with my good trend of running and kick myself in the butt and go for a run with Ryan after work. Ryan works with me at Gear and is a member of Team USA Minnesota. He is also a sub 4 min miler, something I am not ! He needed 12 miles and I was looking for a solid 10 miles. We desided to meet at Lake of the Isles and go from there. I thought I would show him some of the great trail I run around Cedar lake and in Theo Wirth park. I think he like it. We had a great run and he said more than once he could not belive we are so close to the city. It was a good solid pace for me that was for sure. I needed that ! This was a good start to my TCM training.

Twin Cities Marathon !!!!

Well I did it. I signed up today for the Twin Cities Marathon !!! I have not run a open marathon in many years. I am still looking to run some trail ultra's but feel like this will make it all work good. I feel like you need to mix it up and try and train differently at times. I guess we will see huh. Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

speed work

Ok so with the New Prague 1/2 marathon comming up in a week i thought I might try to do a little speed work. Man am I far away from where I would like to be. I did not feel super bad , just not in rythem like I would hope to feel. I did just a simple workout. 3 mile warm up, then 10 x 1min hard/ 1 in easy, then a 3 mile cool down. I got to get better right ?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Running with the Nick man

So as I was leaving work to go for my run my buddy Nick called me up. Nick and I have run a ton togeather the last 10 year. Nick is comming off a little injury so we have not been able to run for a little while. Well he was looking for a run. Not to far but like 5 miles. I had thought about going more but the chance to run with Nick was worthcutting it shorter. I thought about added on but you know how that goes. Most times you just do not feel like doing it. Well as I thought it would be we had a great 5 mile run. Thanks Nick !

Down a pint

Today i went in to the doctor for a physical. With my family history and how I have felt like dog meat to much the past 8+ months I thought it would be a good idea. So the normal stuff was done like giving a bunch of blood. That being said when I went to go for a run later that night I thought I would feel way slow. All in all I was not to bad. I was quite happy about it. I ran from home down toward Lake Nakomis and back home. I think it was like 5+ miles. Would have liked to go farther but something is better than anything huh.