Thursday, January 31, 2008

Zero day

Today ended up being a zero miles day. I felt ok during the day but just ran out of motivation as the day went on and it became night. The worst part of these days is that all I find myself doing is beating myself up for not running. In a way what is worse, a crappy run or killing myself over and over in my head ?

Here is another link to a video that I find good to watch to get me pumped up to run. I guess I should have seen this before the day got to late so I might have got out huh ? It is a video in Ritz

Totals: 0

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Gregg said...

don't worry, as you can see, there are several people in the same situation as you. just read all the blogs linked to everybody's page and you will see. This will pass and soon we will all be running the trails and having a great time. See you soon Kurt.