Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday night fun

So my friend Liz and I have been trying to run at least 1 night a week now for a while. It seems like Monday's have been working out best for us so tonight after I got off work I changed up clothing and ran on over to her house. We had gotten a little snow during the day which made for a nice little blanket under my feet. The temp's where pretty good compared to the weekend. I think it was like around 1' at the time of the run. It is funny when something as low as 1' can feel so good. We did our normal loop down and around Lake Harriet. We seemed to have lot's to talk about which made the run go bu super fast. Hell Liz even added on a bit with me on my way back home. It was great to hear her say she was feeling good on the run. It had been some time since I have heard her say that. I was also feeling real good. In many ways i wish I would have kept going and got in a longer run. But I knew I had much to take care of at home so I called it a day after 1:06 and I am guessing 8 miles. I ran tonight in my Puma trailfox shoes. They are great !!!!

On a sad note I still can not believe what's going on in Kenya. I have been following it and it just makes me sad. I just do not know what goes through people's minds sometimes. All the death for what ? and this is just one spot in the world. I hope people all around the world someday wake up and smell the coffee and see that there will always be people who think different than what you think. Is that so wrong ? Either way killing people is not the way to "make" people change. Every country/ person could learn from that.

Totals: 1:06:18 8 miles ( Puma trailfox )

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SteveQ said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! And thanks for joining me at the Dome on Tuesday; I fell apart about ten minutes after you picked up the kids.