Friday, January 11, 2008

Trying to run the Hills

I got out this morning for a run with the idea of doing my tangle town hill loop. I was not feeling super good at the start but thought I would just let things unfold slowly. As I got into the hill loop I was feeling OK but not great. The first of many hills on this loop is a good 3/4 mile long, so it hits you hard at the get go of this run. Today was also one of those run's where I was not feeling good in my head as well. I do not know what it was but I just was not feeling it and the tiny voices in my head where beating me down. After two more of the hill climbs along the run I just gave up. It was not to be my day. Sometime I think it is just better to not force it. I was disappointed in myself but did not know what to do. One of the down sides of this great hill loop is that it is very close to home so it is VERY easy on these days to just toss in the towel. Oh well better luck next time I guess. I got a whopping 4 miles in today.


Kel said...

I had a tough time with my run this Saturday too - it was supposed to be an easy 9 miler. With the new snow and slippery conditions, I opted for the dreaded treadmill. I felt fine physically, but I mentally crashed after only 4 miles.

What route do you do for your hill workouts during the winter? I usually opt for Hyland Hills ski area, but running is a no-no during ski season.

kurt decker said...

I start down on the parkway and head up 49th street. You know I will do one of those map my run online maps. I will try to do that soon. It is a good one.

Slippery conditions due make it suck !!!