Saturday, January 26, 2008

St Paul Winter Carnival 1/2 marathon

Today was the St Paul Winter Carnival 1/2 marathon which has been a yearly tradition for Sonya for many years in a row now. So Evan and I got all bundled up at took his Mommy to the race. This years weather was very nice all in all. Much better than the freezing weather last year, which was good since I knew there was no way Evan was going to sleep through it this year. We where able to get to like 5 different places to watch her and other we are friends with Like Pat Russell and Nicole Cueno run. Ithink all in all everyone was pleased with the effort. Nicloe won the women's and Sonya was 3rd. Pat was like 15th or so but was just running easy. He has won this race like 4 other times I think. What was funny was that times where slower this year with better weather ? Who knows was but I was proud of Sonya and the gang.

I then had to work till 5pm so I ran after that. Let me tell you this night was one of those great nights where everything feels great !!! I was so smooth and feeling fast. I had some great tunes rolling in my ears as well !!! I wore the Jasari's once more. What a great shoe. I kept it at like 8 miles since I knew I had a longer run in the morning tomorrow.

Totals: 55:42 8 miles ( Nike Jasari )

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