Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beautiful and Moving

As many people who know me will tell you I LIVE and LOVE this sport of ours. There is so much in running that I Find beautiful and moving. Whether it be the person who is not a runner and has never run like my Mom running her one and only race a many years ago to the epic battles we have seen in races like the 5k and 10k to the marathon. To the ultra marathon runners like Minnesota's own Scott Jurek reining supreme 7 years in a row at Western States. I could go on and on about all the runners who give me faith in what I believe is a sport about faith in ourselves and our training. Distance running is beautiful to me. I tell my wife that life is one big running race. We train everyday to be the best parent, spouse, worker we can be. There are bonks along the way but we never give up on the finish line. This Video I added today to the blog of the duel in the sun is a great example of pushing yourself and not giving up and in the end recognizing your competitors who bring the best out in you. We do not do it alone !!! Enjoy.

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Chad said...

Great video. It's amazing to see all the motorcycles and bikers right around the leaders.

Did you catch the announcer right around the 6:00 mark? He said it was a beautiful day with temps in the 60s. I believe it was a lot hotter than that though.