Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Cold is comming

I ran tonight after work with Sonya. She was in the area after a work call so we ran from the store. I was feeling good after my dome run last night. It was nice to have that momentum. One thing that sucked was getting from the store down to the lakes and parkway. It was very icy on the sidewalks !!! Once we got to the lakes it was good. We looped both Lake Harriett and Lake Calhoon. We had lot's to talk about so the time just flew by. Sonya was going to add on at the end and by the way I was feeling I wanted to go as well. But I needed to get to my parents to pick up the kids and help Summer with some homework. Either way it was nice to get in a hour with Sonya. I wish we could run more often, but it is just to hard in the winter. I think it ended up being like 8 miles.

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