Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A busy day @ the Dome

With the bottom dropping out today I was thinking there would be a bunch of people at the Dome to run inside. It is crazy to think that when including the windchill it was a 100 swing in temperature from the day before !!! Well I was not let down at there was plenty of people running around and around. In some ways I thought there would be more but was happy that it was not the case. Anyway it was a good day to be inside and it works out good that Tuesday is my up tempo day.

I was looking to continue my ways with adding some more speed work to my weekly workouts. I was not sure what to do. I knew I wanted to do something a little longer but not to long. I settled on one of my favorite Dome workouts which is 1200 repeats. I like to keep this stuff pretty loose and fun. There is no need to go to crazy in January, it is a long season ahead of me. I started out with a two mile warm up then jumped into the 1200 repeats. I felt ok but not great today. I just did not feel like I was in a groove. The times where a bit faster than I thought considering I did not feel like I was going to hard. I think I pretty much averaging between 5:40 and 5:47 mile pace. I even felt like I kept the pace ok during the cool down. One thing that did suck big time was I forgot my body glide and my legs started to chafe toward the end of my cool down run. I was forced to cut it short because it just plain was getting uncomfortable. I made sure I put a bottle of body glide in my bag when I got home asap !! Tomorrow looks like more of the same weather wise so I am not sure what I will be doing. I do not know if it would be smart to try to run in like -45 degree weather ??

Totals: 1:00:48 9 miles ( Nike Jasari )

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