Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good to have friends

Last night I ran with by buddy Liz. She and our other good friend Matty G live like 1 mile from our house. It works out pretty good for me because when we are able to run together I just run down then we do our loop and I run back. It is a easy way to get a few extra miles added on. Liz is a very good runner but has been having many problem with her energy levals for sometime now. I hope she is able to get it all figured out soon because I know how that can drive you very crazy. While she has been trying work this all out she is still able to get out for easy 5 mile runs. So I took her up on the offer and met up with her at her house. While there I was able to say hi to Matty G. He is part of Team USA MN. Matty is off to Houston half marathon this weekend for the USA 1/2 marathon championships. I wish him good luck and perdect he will be in the top 3 there.

Once Liz and I got out we did a easy but great run around Lake Harriett. I was feeling very good and think Liz felt pretty good as well. It was a nice night for a run. No wind and temps in the 30's. We had many funny stories going on during the run. I hope we are able to run aging soon. All in all it was a nice night of running. I got to run with a good friend and able to see another good friend who I do not get to see much anymore. It is good to have friends !!

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