Thursday, January 24, 2008

Off Day

The title says it all today. In what in some cases would have been a good day not to run became a nightmear run for awhile. So I thought I was going to get out later in the day but on my way back from droping my daughter Summer off at school Sonya called to say I could get my run in when I got home since she was not going to be leaving for work for a few hours. I figured what the hell let's get the run out of the way. So I got already to go and went out the door.

I was feeling real good as I made my way back to Lake Harritt. I even was good as I went around the back side of the lake. It was when I was 20 min's into the run that all hell broke loose. I had one of the melt downs when it is like someone turns off all the energy. The next 15 min's SUCKED big time. I knew then that most likly what was killing me was my lack of food for the morning. I was not planning on the run so I did not eat anything before hand to hold me over till I had a real breakfast. I am also wondering if maybe my body is fighting something of since about everyone I know has been or is sick. Either way that time on my feet sucked. I started to feel better as I got close to home but by that time I was wanting to just stop and eat.

Totals: 45:18 6 miles ( Nike Skylons )


nwgdc said...

i'm getting quite a few of those moments lately also...little aches, no energy...i chalk it up to january in the upper midwest.

kurt decker said...

Yea I am sure that does have something to do with it. Even thought I would not trade the seasons for anything It can get long at times. I also think fueling durning the day is a big day for me.