Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is the warm weather a good thing ?

So it was crazy out today. It was like a daytime high of like 45' which felt very warm. Now as good as it can feel at the time I for one do not like it because I know it will be super icy later. I hate ice !!!! I was able to run after work for one of my Monday night runs with my friend Liz. I knew from the walk to my car that this could be a crazy run as the water on the roads freezing minute by minute. I almost fell walking to the car if it was not for my cheetah like instincts.

As I ran to Liz's house I knew this was going to be a slower run and one that I needed to stay on side streets so I could run in the middle of the road. I hate that feeling of being so stiff trying to brace yourself in case of a fall. Man it was like that for most of the run. Liz has been sick the last 5 days so we where going to keep it slower and maybe a bit shorter. It was great to get my weekly catch up with her. I guess she is going to Florida at the end of the week for a little vacation in the keys, Nice !!! We kept our part together to 30 min's. So after I dropped her off I took the longer way home so I would get at least 50 min's of running. I felt real good other than the stiffness of hoping not to fall on the ice. Tomorrow is a workout day at the Dome which I think will be a good thing given the fact they are saying that with windchill it could be like -35 to 40' at night. That is a 100 degree swing in 24 hours !!!! Only in Minnesota, but I LOVE this place.

Totals: 50:15 7 miles ( Nike Haywards )


aharmer said...

Hi Kurt,

I've seen your name around but don't think we've met. Hope to see you around at some of the races this year. I'll link your blog to mine, let me know if you prefer otherwise. See ya!


kurt decker said...

Hi there. Yea I am sure we will see each other around at the races. I belive Trail Mix 50k will be my first of the year. I am looking foward to it very much.