Friday, January 18, 2008

Frosty Kurt

After taking Thursday off I went out for a easy before Sonya took off for work. When I left the house it was 4' with a windchill of -20' outside. I dressed pretty good for the weather. In some way's I felt to warm. The cold did not feel as bad as I thought till I got down by the lake. Then the wind sucked. On days like this I need to stay in the neighborhoods, or in the woods on a trail. I did not have a ton of time so I kept it to a easy 5 miles. I was trying to run some hills today. I hope to keep doing that over the next few weeks. I need to get stronger and running on the flat parkways by the lakes will not get that done.

On a side not I got the running movie Indulgence the other day. It is documentary on Anton Krupicka. It is pretty good. I think sometime some of the stuff you read make him sound a bit different. The dvd does a good job giving you some in site about him and his views on stuff. I also like the more minimal type shoes. Now not to the same leval is him, but he is onto something. The "extra's" has so real good stuff !!! I would recommend it to trail runners/ runners.

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