Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I made it !!

Well with the crazy cool weather once more today I decided to give the tredmill a try once more. This time I used my parents one. I went after it with the two prog attack. I put in a video of a Boston marathon and last years NYC marathon, as well as using my ipod. I seem to need everything to make this darn thing work. What was funny is that it seemed to work pretty good for about 30 min's or so. After that it got harder with the last 10 min's of my 50 min run seeming taking 30 min's by its self. I did feel real good which was good since I normaly feel like crap on the tredmill.

Let me also say that those darn Nike Haywards I got felt just great !!! It is still light but has a great fit in the toebox. Quickly becomming my favorite training shoe I am using now.

Totals: 50:15 7 miles ( Nike Hayward )

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Gregg said...

Too bad they are discontinued... happens everytime.