Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend wrap 1/12- 1/13

Saturday I awoke to some light snow !! I for one was excited to see the snow because I feel like the snow we have had so far had made for a softer surface to run on, as well as add some traction on top of the ice. As much as that warm felt good I knew in the end it was going to lead to lot's of ICE !! I had to run after work since I decided that I was wanting to sleep in a bit. One of the things in the winter that sucks is that for both Sonya and I to run in the morning one of us needs to get up so early since we can't use the baby jogger. When I started out I thought I would just go say 5 miles at the most since I was running very long the next morning with Paul. But as I got more into the run I was feeling real good and was enjoying my time out there. I had my ipod rockin in my ears and my body felt good. I even at times did a few pick ups. I also felt real good on the hill climbs. It was one of those nights I could have gone on for a long time but I needed to stay the course and remember I had a big fish to fry the next morning. I ended up with like 57 mins which I am guessing is like 8 miles.

Sunday I met Paul down at the river bottoms in Shakopee to run on the snow trail. We met pretty early at 6:30am so we needed to use our headlamps for the first 30 mins or so. The footing was very good with the resent warm up and cool down, plus the snowmobils had packed it down real good. I had put like 6 crews in each shoe for extra traction. This worked real good !! Paul and I where looking at getting in 2 1/2 hours. I felt real good the first 3/4 of the run but could tell how my body was getting worn out after the 2 hour mark. I think the snow pack played a bit into this but I am also sure that the extra 20 min's more than I had gone before was part of that. In the end I think we got in like 19 miles. All in all a good day.

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