Saturday, January 19, 2008

Picking my poison

It was SO cold out today Sonya and I decided to drop Evan off at my parents and go to the YMCA for our run. Part of me was feeling wussy about it all but figured it was only one run. When we first got there we went upstairs to the very small indoor track. It was 18 laps to the mile !!!! After 8 min's Sonya wanted to go to the treadmill. I went with her but after 10 more min's I was going crazy as well. It was time to pick my poison. I took the small track. So after like 60 some more laps I was done. I had hoped to get a few more miles for the day but had to stop. I just have to be free outside I guess. Better luck next time. I ended up with like 40 min's and like 5+ miles for the day.

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