Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First test

Another Tuesday and another night of running at the Dome. This is like my 3rd or 4th Tuesday in a row of running at the Dome. The first few times there running I was just looking to run in shorts and stretch out my legs a bit. Tonight I was hoping to test myself a bit with a little speed. It has been a long time since I have tried to do anything faster. One of the things with the sports hernia was that it hurt the most when I tried to do speed work. So with that in mind I shied away from speed work. So tonight I was just looking to see how I felt going a bit faster than my normal pace.

I started out with just a pretty easy 2 mile warm up. I did pick it up a bit the last two lap's of my warm up. Kind of like strides I guess. After going to the bathroom and a little stretching I started up. I was looking to do 800's. I figured I did not want to go to long of intervals to start so that is why I picked 800's. I was looking to run like 2:30 pace for the half miles. Let me tell you I would be lying if I did not say it felt good to be picking it up some, feeling fast. I came through on the first one in 2:27, and they got faster from there as I was getting looser. I ended up running 6 repeats. The last one was the fastest in 2:14. It was very encouraging with how I felt. Maybe next week I will look at doing more like a tempo run ? We will have to see.

I ended up the run doing a cool down and talking to a friend I have met in this crazy blogger world, Steve Quick. It was nice to talk to him and run some lap's. He was coming of a 30 mile run the day before !! Nice run huh.

Totals: 1:19:00 11 miles ( nike skylon )

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SteveQ said...

How do you measure a half mile in the Dome? The posted lap distances make it hard to figure - I stick to knowing 13 laps down the middle of the concourse is 5 miles.