Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Cold ?

That was one COLD run today. I met up this morning with Russell, Nick and Paul for our long run. When we started it was -15' air temperature outside. Thanks god there was not much wind for a killer windchill. It was crazy we had ice on our eyes in the first 4 min's of the run !! It was great to talk with the guys. I had not run with Pat for a few weeks. He seems to be coming along real well. I guess he is having eye surgery on Tuesday. Good luck buddy. We ran over the Ford bridge and down the river road till it became Sheppard road. From there we went through St Paul for awhile till we got back to river road. We went up to Lake street bridge and back down the other side of west river road back to Pat's house. I was hoping for 2 hours once more today but pulled the plug at 1 hour 48 min's. I was just getting to stiff from the cold. All in all it was a good run. I felt real good for the most part. I think the run was like 14 miles.

Later in the day Sonya and I took Evan to the Sesame Street "Elmo grows up" show at the Target Center. Let's just say for a 1 1/2 year old who LOVES Elmo he went nut's at the show. I did not know how much he would get but was very glad we went to the show. It was a great time for the three of us.

Miles for the week= 43

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