Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday fun with Sonya

Sonya and I where very lucky today and got our friends Carri and Simon to watch Evan so we could run long together. They live out in Plymouth so we ran out from the Luce Line trail head down to Medicine Lake, around the lake and back to the car. We did add a bit on the end to make it just over 2 hours. I felt very good. The weather was pretty good for us as well. It was like 25' when we ran which was perfect for footing and all. Having this time with Sonya is so important to me !! So with this great run after watching a great movie in Rescue Dawn the night before I had a awesome 24 hours that was for sure.

She wise I ran in another new pair of the new Nike Haywards. These are supposed to be made off of drawing that Steve Prefontaine did for his perfect shoe. Who knows if it is true but I did like them.

Totals: 2:10:11 15 miles ( Nike Haywards )
Week Totals: 64

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